Pavel Khavlyuk
Pavel Khavlyuk
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Hivatkozott rá
sp2–sp3-Hybridized Atomic Domains Determine Optical Features of Carbon Dots
NV Tepliakov, EV Kundelev, PD Khavlyuk, Y Xiong, MY Leonov, W Zhu, ...
ACS nano 13 (9), 10737-10744, 2019
Influence of the solvent environment on luminescent centers within carbon dots
EA Stepanidenko, IA Arefina, PD Khavlyuk, A Dubavik, KV Bogdanov, ...
Nanoscale 12 (2), 602-609, 2020
Influence of thermal treatment conditions (solvothermal versus microwave) and solvent polarity on morphology and emission of phloroglucinol-based nitrogen-doped carbon dots
PD Khavlyuk, EA Stepanidenko, DP Bondarenko, DV Danilov, ...
Nanoscale, 2021
Strongly luminescent composites based on carbon dots embedded in a nanoporous silicate glass
EA Stepanidenko, PD Khavlyuk, IA Arefina, SA Cherevkov, Y Xiong, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (6), 1063, 2020
Electrochemical Surface Area Quantification, CO2 Reduction Performance, and Stability Studies of Unsupported Three-Dimensional Au Aerogels versus Carbon …
P Chauhan, K Hiekel, JS Diercks, J Herranz, VA Saveleva, P Khavlyuk, ...
ACS Materials Au 2 (3), 278-292, 2022
Magneto-Fluorescent Hybrid Sensor CaCO3-Fe3O4-AgInS2/ZnS for the Detection of Heavy Metal Ions in Aqueous Media
DA Kurshanov, PD Khavlyuk, MA Baranov, A Dubavik, AV Rybin, ...
Materials 13 (19), 4373, 2020
Carbon dots with an emission in the near infrared produced from organic dyes in porous silica microsphere templates
EA Stepanidenko, ID Skurlov, PD Khavlyuk, DA Onishchuk, AV Koroleva, ...
Nanomaterials 12 (3), 543, 2022
Thermal and electrical properties of Ca5Mg4−xZnx(VO4)6 (0 ≤ x ≤ 4)
AS Tolkacheva, SN Shkerin, KG Zemlyanoi, OG Reznitskikh, SV Pershina, ...
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 136, 1003-1009, 2019
Electrical and thermal properties of Ca5Mg4− xCox (VO4) 6 (0≤ x≤ 4), a promising electrode material
AS Tolkacheva, SN Shkerin, AV Nikonov, SV Pershina, PD Khavlyuk, ...
Materials Letters 305, 130811, 2021
Thermal Conductivity of Calcium Aluminate and Complex Vanadates of Garnet Structure
AS Tolkacheva, PA Popov, SN Shkerin, SV Naumov, PD Khavlyuk, ...
Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 93 (3), 325-332, 2020
Bimetallic Pt–Ni Two-Dimensional Interconnected Networks: Developing Self-Assembled Materials for Transparent Electronics
P Khavlyuk, A Mitrofanov, V Shamraienko, R Hübner, J Kresse, ...
Chemistry of Materials 35 (7), 2864-2872, 2023
Photoluminescence enhancement of carbon dots by Ag nanoparticles in thin-film hybrid structures
EG Shmagina, EA Konshina, DP Shcherbinin, PD Khavlyuk, ...
Surface Engineering 37 (4), 437-444, 2021
Effect of Low and Sub-Freezing Temperature on the PEFC Performance of Unsupported Pt-Ni Aerogel Cathode Catalyst Layers
M Fikry, P Khavlyuk, J Herranz, A Eychmüller, TJ Schmidt
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts 241, 1461-1461, 2022
Influence of heteroatoms on optical properties and photoluminescence kinetics of carbon dots
IA Arefina, PD Khavlyuk, EA Stepanidenko, A Dubavik, SA Cherevkov, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1461 (1), 012008, 2020
Porous Thin Films with Large Specific Surface Area on the Basis of Spray-Coated Metal Aerogels
P Khavlyuk, V Shamraienko, F Tenhagen, J Kresse, N Weiß, N Gaponik, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2023
Carbon Dots with an Emission in the Near Infrared Produced from Organic Dyes in Porous Silica Microsphere Templates. Nanomaterials 2022, 12, 543
EA Stepanidenko, ID Skurlov, PD Khavlyuk, DA Onishchuk, AV Koroleva, ...
s Note: MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published …, 2022
Wide-range emitting carbon dots synthesized from O-phenylenediamine by microwave-assisted method
EA Stepanidenko, DA Kurshanov, PD Khavlyuk, IA Arefina, AV Baranov, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 2300 (1), 2020
PEMFC-Performance of Unsupported Pt-Ni Aerogel Cathode Catalyst Layers under Automotive-Relevant Operative Conditions
M Fikry, J Herranz, S Leisibach, P Khavlyuk, A Eychmuller, TJ Schmidt
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2023
Challenges of Pt-Ni Aerogel PEMFC-Cathode Catalyst Layers Under Automotive-Relevant Conditions
M Fikry, AJ Garcia, J Herranz, P Khavlyuk, A Eychmüller, TJ Schmidt
244th ECS Meeting (October 8-12, 2023), 2023
Interfacial pH and Product Selectivity Measurements during CO2 Reduction on a Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode
P Chauhan, J Herranz, M Winzely, M Georgi, P Khavlyuk, A Eychmüller, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127 (33), 16453-16463, 2023
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