Tibor Nagy
Tibor Nagy
Senior Research Associate at the Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
E-mail megerősítve itt: ttk.hu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Reduction of very large reaction mechanisms using methods based on simulation error minimization
T Nagy, T Turányi*
Combustion and Flame 156 (2), 417-428, 2009
Comparison of the performance of several recent hydrogen combustion mechanisms
C Olm, IG Zsély, R Pálvölgyi, T Varga, T Nagy, HJ Curran, T Turányi*
Combustion and Flame 161 (9), 2219-2234, 2014
Optimization of a hydrogen combustion mechanism using both direct and indirect measurements
T Varga, T Nagy, C Olm, IG Zsély, R Pálvölgyi, É Valkó, G Vincze, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (1), 589-596, 2015
Determination of rate parameters based on both direct and indirect measurements
T Turányi*, T Nagy, IG Zsély, M Cserháti, T Varga, BT Szabó, I Sedyó, ...
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 44 (5), 284-302, 2012
Development of a joint hydrogen and syngas combustion mechanism based on an optimization approach
T Varga, C Olm, T Nagy, IG Zsély, É Valkó, R Pálvölgyi, H Curran, ...
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 48 (8), 407-422, 2016
Uncertainty of Arrhenius parameters
T Nagy, T Turányi*
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 43 (7), 359-378, 2011
A shock tube and chemical kinetic modeling study of the pyrolysis and oxidation of butanols
K Yasunaga, T Mikajiri, SM Sarathy, T Koike, F Gillespie, T Nagy, ...
Combustion and Flame 159 (6), 2009-2027, 2012
Multisurface Adiabatic Reactive Molecular Dynamics
T Nagy*, J Yosa Reyes, M Meuwly*
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 10 (4), 1366–1375, 2014
Uncertainty of the rate parameters of several important elementary reactions of the H2 and syngas combustion systems
T Nagy, É Valkó, I Sedyó, IG Zsély, MJ Pilling, T Turányi*
Combustion and Flame 162 (5), 2059–2076, 2015
Determination of the uncertainty domain of the Arrhenius parameters needed for the investigation of combustion kinetic models
T Nagy, T Turanyi*
Reliability Engineering & System Safety 107, 29-34, 2012
State-selected ion–molecule reactions with Coulomb-crystallized molecular ions in traps
X Tong, T Nagy, JY Reyes, M Germann, M Meuwly*, S Willitsch*
Chemical Physics Letters 547, 1-8, 2012
Determination of rate parameters of cyclohexane and 1-hexene decomposition reactions
IG Zsély, T Varga, T Nagy, M Cserháti, T Turányi*, S Peukert, ...
Energy 43 (1), 85-93, 2012
Reduction of a detailed kinetic model for the ignition of methane/propane mixtures at gas turbine conditions using simulation error minimization methods
IG Zsély, T Nagy*, JM Simmie, HJ Curran
Combustion and Flame 158 (8), 1469-1479, 2011
Kinetic isotope effect in malonaldehyde determined from path integral Monte Carlo simulations
J Huang, M Buchowiecki, T Nagy, J Vaníček*, M Meuwly*
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (1), 204-211, 2014
Computational study of collisions between O (3P) and NO (2Π) at temperatures relevant to the hypersonic flight regime
JC Castro-Palacio, T Nagy, RJ Bemish, M Meuwly*
The Journal of Chemical Physics 141 (16), 164319, 2014
Adiabatic Switching Extended To Prepare Semiclassically Quantized Rotational–Vibrational Initial States for Quasiclassical Trajectory Calculations
T Nagy*, G Lendvay*
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (18), 4621-4626, 2017
Competitive reaction pathways in vibrationally induced photodissociation of H2SO4
JY Reyes, T Nagy [shared_first_author], M Meuwly*
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (34), 18533-18544, 2014
Comparison of methane combustion mechanisms using shock tube and rapid compression machine ignition delay time measurements
P Zhang, IG Zsély, V Samu, T Nagy, T Turányi
Energy & Fuels 35 (15), 12329-12351, 2021
Comparison of detailed reaction mechanisms for homogeneous ammonia combustion
L Kawka, G Juhász, M Papp, T Nagy, IG Zsély, T Turányi
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 234 (7-9), 1329-1357, 2020
ReSpecTh: a joint reaction kinetics, spectroscopy, and thermochemistry information system
AC Tamás Varga, T Turányi, E Czinki, T Furtenbacher
Proceedings of the 7th European Combustion Meeting 30, 1-5, 2015
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