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Inferring mood instability on social media by leveraging ecological momentary assessments
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K de Barbaro
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Longform recordings of everyday life: Ethics for best practices
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Chronodes: Interactive multifocus exploration of event sequences
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Automated detection of infant holding using wearable sensing: Implications for developmental science and intervention
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Ten lessons about infants’ everyday experiences
K de Barbaro, CM Fausey
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Infant Crying Detection In Real-World Environments.
X Yao, M Micheletti, MK Johnson, E Thomaz, K de Barbaro
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Multi-modal data collection for measuring health, behavior, and living environment of large-scale participant cohorts
C Wu, H Fritz, S Bastami, JP Maestre, E Thomaz, C Julien, DM Castelli, ...
GigaScience 10 (6), giab044, 2021
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