Anna M. Courtier
Anna M. Courtier
Science Outreach Coordinator, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
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Hivatkozott rá
Correlation of seismic and petrologic thermometers suggests deep thermal anomalies beneath hotspots
AM Courtier, MG Jackson, JF Lawrence, Z Wang, CTA Lee, R Halama, ...
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Deep upper-mantle melting beneath the Tasman and Coral Seas detected with multiple ScS reverberations
AM Courtier, J Revenaugh
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 259 (1-2), 66-76, 2007
Seismic signature of small melt fraction atop the transition zone
S Hier-Majumder, A Courtier
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 308 (3-4), 334-342, 2011
Melting in the deep upper mantle oceanward of the Honshu slab
B Bagley, AM Courtier, J Revenaugh
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Seismic anisotropy associated with continental lithosphere accretion beneath the CANOE array, northwestern Canada
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A water-rich transition zone beneath the eastern United States and Gulf of Mexico from multiple ScS reverberations
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Whole mantle discontinuity structure beneath Hawaii
AM Courtier, B Bagley, J Revenaugh
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Slabs and shear wave reflectors in the midmantle
AM Courtier, J Revenaugh
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 113 (B8), 2008
Crustal VS structure in northwestern Canada: Imaging the Cordillera‐craton transition with ambient noise tomography
CA Dalton, JB Gaherty, AM Courtier
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Seismic properties of Leg 195 serpentinites and their geophysical implications
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Joint Receiver Function/ScS Reverberation Analysis for Examining Discontinuity Structure beneath Ocean Islands
AM Courtier, GM Leahy
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 101 (2), 908-914, 2011
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