Carlas Sierd Smith
Carlas Sierd Smith
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Hivatkozott rá
Fast, single-molecule localization that achieves theoretically minimum uncertainty
CS Smith, N Joseph, B Rieger, KA Lidke
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Integration of parallel opposing memories underlies memory extinction
J Felsenberg, PF Jacob, T Walker, O Barnstedt, AJ Edmondson-Stait, ...
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Localization microscopy at doubled precision with patterned illumination
J Cnossen, T Hinsdale, RØ Thorsen, M Siemons, F Schueder, ...
Nature methods 17 (1), 59-63, 2020
In vivo single-particle imaging of nuclear mRNA export in budding yeast demonstrates an essential role for Mex67p
C Smith, A Lari, CP Derrer, A Ouwehand, A Rossouw, M Huisman, ...
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Nuclear accessibility of β-actin mRNA is measured by 3D single-molecule real-time tracking
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High precision wavefront control in point spread function engineering for single emitter localization
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Simultaneous measurement of emission color and 3D position of single molecules
C Smith, M Huisman, M Siemons, D Grünwald, S Stallinga
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Single molecule fluorescence in situ hybridisation for quantitating post-transcriptional regulation in Drosophila brains
L Yang, J Titlow, D Ennis, C Smith, J Mitchell, FL Young, S Waddell, ...
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Structured illumination microscopy with noise-controlled image reconstructions
CS Smith, JA Slotman, L Schermelleh, N Chakrova, S Hari, Y Vos, ...
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Towards community-driven metadata standards for light microscopy: tiered specifications extending the OME model
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Iterative learning control of a membrane deformable mirror for optimal wavefront correction
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Probability-based particle detection that enables threshold-free and robust in vivo single-molecule tracking
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An automated Bayesian pipeline for rapid analysis of single-molecule binding data
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Iterative linear focal-plane wavefront correction
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Syncrip/hnRNP Q is required for activity-induced Msp300/Nesprin-1 expression and new synapse formation
J Titlow, F Robertson, A Järvelin, D Ish-Horowicz, C Smith, E Gratton, ...
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Minimum Information guidelines for fluorescence microscopy: increasing the value, quality, and fidelity of image data
M Huisman, M Hammer, A Rigano, F Farzam, R Gopinathan, C Smith, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.11370, 2019
Drift correction in localization microscopy using entropy minimization
J Cnossen, TJ Cui, C Joo, C Smith
Optics Express 39 (18), 27961-27974, 2021
Drift correction in localization microscopy using entropy minimization
J Cnossen, TJ Cui, C Joo, CS Smith
bioRxiv, 2021
Reply to ‘Deconstructing transport-distribution reconstruction in the nuclear-pore complex’
A Ruba, J Kelich, J Ma, W Yang
Nature structural & molecular biology 25 (12), 1062-1064, 2018
Anisoplanatic adaptive optics in parallelized laser scanning microscopy
P Pozzi, C Smith, E Carroll, D Wilding, O Soloviev, M Booth, G Vdovin, ...
Optics Express 28 (10), 14222-14236, 2020
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