Josef Kaufmann
Josef Kaufmann
Postdoc, TU Wien
E-mail megerősítve itt: tuwien.ac.at
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Topotactic Hydrogen in Nickelate Superconductors and Akin Infinite-Layer Oxides
L Si, W Xiao, J Kaufmann, JM Tomczak, Y Lu, Z Zhong, K Held
Physical review letters 124 (16), 166402, 2020
Collective modes in excitonic magnets: Dynamical mean-field study
D Geffroy, J Kaufmann, A Hariki, P Gunacker, A Hausoel, J Kuneš
Physical review letters 122 (12), 127601, 2019
Continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo calculation of multiorbital vertex asymptotics
J Kaufmann, P Gunacker, K Held
Physical Review B 96 (3), 035114, 2017
Hopping frustration-induced flat band and strange metallicity in a kagome metal
L Ye, S Fang, M Kang, J Kaufmann, Y Lee, C John, PM Neves, SYF Zhao, ...
Nature Physics, 1-5, 2024
Towards ab initio calculations with the dynamical vertex approximation
A Galler, J Kaufmann, P Gunacker, M Pickem, P Thunström, JM Tomczak, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 87 (4), 041004, 2018
Symmetric improved estimators for continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo
J Kaufmann, P Gunacker, A Kowalski, G Sangiovanni, K Held
Physical Review B 100 (7), 075119, 2019
Self-consistent ladder dynamical vertex approximation
J Kaufmann, C Eckhardt, M Pickem, M Kitatani, A Kauch, K Held
Physical Review B 103 (3), 035120, 2021
ana_cont: Python package for analytic continuation
J Kaufmann, K Held
Computer Physics Communications 282, 108519, 2023
The AbinitioDΓA Project v1. 0: Non-local correlations beyond and susceptibilities within dynamical mean-field theory
A Galler, P Thunström, J Kaufmann, M Pickem, JM Tomczak, K Held
Computer Physics Communications 245, 106847, 2019
How correlations change the magnetic structure factor of the kagome Hubbard model
J Kaufmann, K Steiner, RT Scalettar, K Held, O Janson
Physical Review B 104 (16), 165127, 2021
Multi-band D-TRILEX approach to materials with strong electronic correlations
M Vandelli, J Kaufmann, M El-Nabulsi, V Harkov, A Lichtenstein, ...
SciPost Physics 13 (2), 036, 2022
Extended regime of metastable metallic and insulating phases in a two-orbital electronic system
M Vandelli, J Kaufmann, V Harkov, AI Lichtenstein, K Held, EA Stepanov
Physical Review Research 5 (2), L022016, 2023
Zoology of spin and orbital fluctuations in ultrathin oxide films
M Pickem, J Kaufmann, K Held, JM Tomczak
Physical Review B 104 (2), 024307, 2021
Comparing scattering rates from Boltzmann and dynamical mean-field theory
M Wais, J Kaufmann, M Battiato, K Held
Physical Review B 103 (20), 205141, 2021
Pitfalls and solutions for perovskite transparent conductors
L Si, J Kaufmann, Z Zhong, JM Tomczak, K Held
Physical Review B 104 (4), L041112, 2021
Statistical error estimates in dynamical mean-field theory and extensions thereof
P Kappl, M Wallerberger, J Kaufmann, M Pickem, K Held
Physical Review B 102 (8), 085124, 2020
Particle-hole asymmetric lifetimes promoted by spin and orbital fluctuations in ultrahin srvo3 films
M Pickem, J Kaufmann, JM Tomczak, K Held
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.12227, 0
Local and nonlocal correlations in interacting electron systems
J Kaufmann
Technische Universität Wien, 2021
Aberration of the Green's function estimator in hybridization expansion continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo
A Hausoel, M Wallerberger, J Kaufmann, K Held, G Sangiovanni
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.06266, 2022
Calculation of vertex asymptotics from local correlation functions
J Kaufmann
Wien, 2017
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