Mingtao Cao(曹明涛)
Mingtao Cao(曹明涛)
Xi'an Jiaotong university
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Highly efficient optical quantum memory with long coherence time in cold atoms
YW Cho, GT Campbell, JL Everett, J Bernu, DB Higginbottom, MT Cao, ...
Optica 3 (1), 100-107, 2016
Highly-efficient quantum memory for polarization qubits in a spatially-multiplexed cold atomic ensemble
P Vernaz-Gris, K Huang, M Cao, AS Sheremet, J Laurat
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Efficient reversible entanglement transfer between light and quantum memories
M Cao, F Hoffet, S Qiu, AS Sheremet, J Laurat
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Investigating the self-healing property of an optical Airy beam
L Zhang, F Ye, M Cao, D Wei, P Zhang, H Gao, F Li
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Z Zhang, D Ma, Y Zhang, M Cao, Z Xu, Y Zhang
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Transfer and conversion of images based on EIT in atom vapor
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Demonstration of CNOT gate with Laguerre Gaussian beams via four-wave mixing in atom vapor
M Cao, Y Yu, L Zhang, F Ye, Y Wang, D Wei, P Zhang, W Guo, S Zhang, ...
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Nonreciprocal single-photon quantum router
Y Ren, S Ma, J Xie, X Li, M Cao, F Li
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Ghost imaging with different frequencies through non-degenerated four-wave mixing
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Demonstration of 50 km Fiber-optic two-way quantum clock synchronization
H Hong, R Quan, X Xiang, W Xue, H Quan, W Zhao, Y Liu, M Cao, T Liu, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 40 (12), 3723-3728, 2022
Visualization of magnetic fields with cylindrical vector beams in a warm atomic vapor
S Qiu, J Wang, F Castellucci, M Cao, S Zhang, TW Clark, S Franke-Arnold, ...
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Quantum clock synchronization over 20-km multiple segmented fibers with frequency-correlated photon pairs and HOM interference
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Manipulating the transmission of vector beam with spatially polarized atomic ensemble
X Yang, A Fang, J Wang, Y Li, X Chen, X Zhang, M Cao, D Wei, ...
Optics Express 27 (4), 3900-3908, 2019
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