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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Eruption dynamics of the 22–23 April 2015 Calbuco Volcano (Southern Chile): Analyses of tephra fall deposits
JE Romero, D Morgavi, F Arzilli, R Daga, A Caselli, F Reckziegel, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 317, 15-29, 2016
Approximate chemical analysis of volcanic glasses using Raman spectroscopy
D Di Genova, D Morgavi, KU Hess, DR Neuville, N Borovkov, D Perugini, ...
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Elemental imaging and petro-volcanological applications of an improved laser ablation inductively coupled quadrupole plasma mass spectrometry
M Petrelli, D Morgavi, FP Vetere, D Perugini
Periodico di Mineralogia 85 (1), 2016
Interactions between rhyolitic and basaltic melts unraveled by chaotic mixing experiments
D Morgavi, D Perugini, CP De Campos, W Ertl-Ingrisch, Y Lavallée, ...
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Time evolution of chemical exchanges during mixing of rhyolitic and basaltic melts
D Morgavi, D Perugini, CP De Campos, W Ertel-Ingrisch, DB Dingwell
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The unexpected explosive sub-Plinian eruption of Calbuco volcano (22–23 April 2015; southern Chile): Triggering mechanism implications
F Arzilli, D Morgavi, M Petrelli, M Polacci, M Burton, D Di Genova, L Spina, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 378, 35-50, 2019
Combining machine learning techniques, microanalyses and large geochemical datasets for tephrochronological studies in complex volcanic areas: New age constraints for the …
M Petrelli, R Bizzarri, D Morgavi, A Baldanza, D Perugini
Quaternary Geochronology 40, 33-44, 2017
Experimental constraints on the rheology, eruption, and emplacement dynamics of analog lavas comparable to Mercury's northern volcanic plains
F Vetere, S Rossi, O Namur, D Morgavi, V Misiti, P Mancinelli, M Petrelli, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 122 (7), 1522-1538, 2017
Magma mixing: history and dynamics of an eruption trigger
D Morgavi, I Arienzo, C Montagna, D Perugini, DB Dingwell
Volcanic Unrest 123, 2017
Role of magma mixing in the pre-eruptive dynamics of the Aeolian Islands volcanoes (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)
S Rossi, M Petrelli, D Morgavi, FP Vetere, RR Almeev, RL Astbury, ...
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Dynamics and time evolution of a shallow plumbing system: the 1739 and 1888–90 eruptions, Vulcano Island, Italy
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Degassing behaviour at basaltic volcanoes: New insights from experimental investigations of different conduit geometry and magma viscosity
L Spina, A Cannata, D Morgavi, D Perugini
Earth-science reviews 192, 317-336, 2019
Tephra from the 3 March 2015 sustained column related to explosive lava fountain activity at Volcán Villarrica (Chile)
JE Romero, F Vera, M Polacci, D Morgavi, F Arzilli, MA Alam, JE Bustillos, ...
Frontiers in Earth Science 6, 98, 2018
The Grizzly Lake complex (Yellowstone Volcano, USA): Mixing between basalt and rhyolite unraveled by microanalysis and X-ray microtomography
D Morgavi, F Arzilli, C Pritchard, D Perugini, L Mancini, P Larson, ...
Lithos 260, 457-474, 2016
Exponential decay of concentration variance during magma mixing: Robustness of a volcanic chronometer and implications for the homogenization of chemical heterogeneities in …
S Rossi, M Petrelli, D Morgavi, D González-García, LA Fischer, F Vetere, ...
Lithos 286, 396-407, 2017
Water-enhanced interdiffusion of major elements between natural shoshonite and high-K rhyolite melts
D González-García, H Behrens, M Petrelli, F Vetere, D Morgavi, C Zhang, ...
Chemical Geology 466, 86-101, 2017
High-temperature apparatus for chaotic mixing of natural silicate melts
D Morgavi, M Petrelli, FP Vetere, D González-García, D Perugini
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (10), 2015
Morphochemistry of patterns produced by mixing of rhyolitic and basaltic melts
D Morgavi, D Perugini, CP De Campos, W Ertel-Ingrisch, DB Dingwell
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Magma mixing enhanced by bubble segregation
S Wiesmaier, D Morgavi, CJ Renggli, D Perugini, CP De Campos, ...
Solid Earth 6 (3), 1007-1023, 2015
The origin of rhyolitic magmas at Krafla Central Volcano (Iceland)
SM Rooyakkers, J Stix, K Berlo, M Petrelli, RL Hampton, SJ Barker, ...
Journal of Petrology 62 (8), egab064, 2021
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