Parise Adadi, PhD
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The structural basis of accelerated host cell entry by SARS‐CoV‐2
M Seyran, K Takayama, VN Uversky, K Lundstrom, G Palù, SP Sherchan, ...
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Carbon-based nanomaterials: promising antiviral agents to combat COVID-19 in the microbial-resistant era
Á Serrano-Aroca, K Takayama, A Tuñón-Molina, M Seyran, SS Hassan, ...
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HIV/SARS‐CoV‐2 coinfection: A global perspective
ON Kanwugu, P Adadi
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Designing selenium functional foods and beverages: A review
P Adadi, NV Barakova, KY Muravyov, EF Krivoshapkina
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Questions concerning the proximal origin of SARS‐CoV‐2
M Seyran, D Pizzol, P Adadi, TMA El‐Aziz, SS Hassan, A Soares, ...
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Selected methods of extracting carotenoids, characterization, and health concerns: A review
P Adadi, NV Barakova, EF Krivoshapkina
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A unique view of SARS-CoV-2 through the lens of ORF8 protein
SS Hassan, AAA Aljabali, PK Panda, S Ghosh, D Attrish, PP Choudhury, ...
Computers in biology and medicine 133, 104380, 2021
Notable sequence homology of the ORF10 protein introspects the architecture of SARS-CoV-2
SS Hassan, D Attrish, S Ghosh, PP Choudhury, VN Uversky, AAA Aljabali, ...
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The importance of research on the origin of SARS-CoV-2
K Lundstrom, M Seyran, D Pizzol, P Adadi, T Mohamed Abd El-Aziz, ...
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Production and analysis of non-traditional beer supplemented with sea buckthorn
P Adadi, EG Kovaleva, TV Glukhareva, SA Shatunova, AS Petrov
Agriculture for sustainable development: A SWOT-AHP assessment of Ghana’s planting for food and jobs initiative
EB Ali, EB Agyekum, P Adadi
Sustainability 13 (2), 628, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccines and Thrombosis—Roadblock or Dead-End Street?
K Lundstrom, D Barh, BD Uhal, K Takayama, AAA Aljabali, ...
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Possible transmission flow of SARS-CoV-2 based on ACE2 features
SS Hassan, S Ghosh, D Attrish, PP Choudhury, AAA Aljabali, BD Uhal, ...
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Living with HIV in the time of COVID-19: a glimpse of hope
P Adadi, ON Kanwugu
John Wiley and Sons Inc 93 (1), 59-60, 2021
Assessment of bacterial quality of honey produced in Tamale metropolis (Ghana)
P Adadi, AK Obeng
journal of food and drug analysis 25 (2), 369-373, 2017
Autoimmunity roots of the thrombotic events after COVID-19 vaccination
F Elrashdy, MM Tambuwala, SS Hassan, P Adadi, M Seyran, ...
Autoimmunity reviews 20 (11), 102941, 2021
Ginger beer: An overview of health benefits and recent developments
C Nutakor, JA Essiedu, P Adadi, ON Kanwugu
Fermentation 6 (4), 102, 2020
Production and investigations of antioxidant rich beverage: Utilizing Monascus purpureus IHEM LY2014-0696 and various malts
P Adadi, EG Kovaleva, TV Glukhareva, NV Barakova
Biotechnological production of non-traditional beer
A Parise, EG Kovaleva, TV Glukhareva, SA Shatunova
AIP Conference Proceedings 1886 (1), 020098, 2017
Potential Application of Tetrapleura tetraptera and Hibiscus sabdariffa (Malvaceae) in Designing Highly Flavoured and Bioactive Pito with Functional Properties
P Adadi, ON Kanwugu
Beverages 6 (2), 22, 2020
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