Veronique De Sy
Veronique De Sy
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Hivatkozott rá
An assessment of deforestation and forest degradation drivers in developing countries
N Hosonuma, M Herold, V De Sy, RS De Fries, M Brockhaus, L Verchot, ...
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Drivers of deforestation and forest degradation: a synthesis report for REDD+ policymakers
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V De Sy, M Herold, F Achard, R Beuchle, J Clevers, E Lindquist, L Verchot
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Disentangling the numbers behind agriculture-driven tropical deforestation
F Pendrill, TA Gardner, P Meyfroidt, UM Persson, J Adams, T Azevedo, ...
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D Requena Suarez, DMA Rozendaal, V De Sy, OL Phillips, ...
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G Salvini, M Herold, V De Sy, G Kissinger, M Brockhaus, M Skutsch
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Transforming REDD+: Lessons and new directions
A Angelsen, C Martius, V De Sy, AE Duchelle, AM Larson, TT Pham
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MK Nesha, M Herold, V De Sy, AE Duchelle, C Martius, A Branthomme, ...
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Linking community-based and national REDD+ monitoring: A review of the potential
AK Pratihast, M Herold, V De Sy, D Murdiyarso, M Skutsch
Carbon Management 4 (1), 91-104, 2013
Impacts of intensifying or expanding cereal cropping in sub‐Saharan Africa on greenhouse gas emissions and food security
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AB Bos, AE Duchelle, A Angelsen, V Avitabile, V De Sy, M Herold, ...
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Spatial and temporal deep learning methods for deriving land-use following deforestation: A pan-tropical case study using Landsat time series
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Agriculture-driven deforestation in the tropics from 1990–2015: emissions, trends and uncertainties
S Carter, M Herold, V Avitabile, S de Bruin, V De Sy, L Kooistra, ...
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Land Restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Overview of Recent, Ongoing and Planned Restoration Initiatives and Their Potential for Climate Change Mitigation
E Romijn, R Coppus, V De Sy, M Herold, RM Roman-Cuesta, L Verchot
Forests 10 (6), 510, 2019
Global data and tools for local forest cover loss and REDD+ performance assessment: Accuracy, uncertainty, complementarity and impact
AB Bos, V De Sy, AE Duchelle, M Herold, C Martius, NE Tsendbazar
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Detecting vulnerability of humid tropical forests to multiple stressors
S Saatchi, M Longo, L Xu, Y Yang, H Abe, M André, JE Aukema, ...
One Earth 4 (7), 988-1003, 2021
Landslide model performance in a high resolution small-scale landscape
V De Sy, JM Schoorl, SD Keesstra, KE Jones, L Claessens
Geomorphology 190, 73-81, 2013
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