Andrew Gronewold
Andrew Gronewold
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Coasts, water levels, and climate change: A Great Lakes perspective
AD Gronewold, V Fortin, B Lofgren, A Clites, CA Stow, F Quinn
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Using a Bayesian hierarchical model to improve Lake Erie cyanobacteria bloom forecasts
DR Obenour, AD Gronewold, CA Stow, D Scavia
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Fine-scale spatial variation in ice cover and surface temperature trends across the surface of the Laurentian Great Lakes
LA Mason, CM Riseng, AD Gronewold, ES Rutherford, J Wang, A Clites, ...
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Modeling the relationship between most probable number (MPN) and colony-forming unit (CFU) estimates of fecal coliform concentration
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Water loss from the Great Lakes
AD Gronewold, CA Stow
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Probabilistically assessing the role of nutrient loading in harmful algal bloom formation in western Lake Erie
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Recent water level changes across Earth's largest lake system and implications for future variability
AD Gronewold, RB Rood
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Seasonal overturn and stratification changes drive deep-water warming in one of Earth’s largest lakes
EJ Anderson, CA Stow, AD Gronewold, LA Mason, MJ McCormick, ...
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TS Hunter, AH Clites, KB Campbell, AD Gronewold
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Improving historical precipitation estimates over the Lake Superior basin
KD Holman, A Gronewold, M Notaro, A Zarrin
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Calibrating and validating bacterial water quality models: A Bayesian approach
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Identifying streamgage networks for maximizing the effectiveness of regional water balance modeling
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To what extent are changes in flood magnitude related to changes in precipitation extremes?
HX Do, Y Mei, AD Gronewold
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Turbulent heat fluxes during an extreme lake-effect snow event
A Fujisaki-Manome, LE Fitzpatrick, AD Gronewold, EJ Anderson, ...
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Impacts of extreme 2013–2014 winter conditions on Lake Michigan's fall heat content, surface temperature, and evaporation
AD Gronewold, EJ Anderson, B Lofgren, PD Blanken, J Wang, J Smith, ...
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LM Fry, AD Gronewold, V Fortin, S Buan, AH Clites, C Luukkonen, ...
Journal of Hydrology 519, 3448-3465, 2014
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