Uwe Riedel
Uwe Riedel
Professor BTU Cottbus & Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- u. Raumfahrt
E-mail megerősítve itt: prof-riedel.de
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Prandtl-Führer durch die Strömungslehre
D Etling, U Müller, U Riedel, J Warnatz
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Hydrogen assisted catalytic combustion of methane on platinum
O Deutschmann, LI Maier, U Riedel, AH Stroemman, RW Dibble
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Application of an enhanced PAH growth model to soot formation in a laminar coflow ethylene/air diffusion flame
SB Dworkin, Q Zhang, MJ Thomson, NA Slavinskaya, U Riedel
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Detailed numerical modeling of PAH formation and growth in non-premixed ethylene and ethane flames
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Experimental and detailed kinetic model for the oxidation of a Gas to Liquid (GtL) jet fuel
P Dagaut, F Karsenty, G Dayma, P Diévart, K Hadj-Ali, A Mzé-Ahmed, ...
Combustion and Flame 161 (3), 835-847, 2014
Chemical kinetics of NO removal by pulsed corona discharges
I Orlandini, U Riedel
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Study of the H+ O+ M reaction forming OH∗: Kinetics of OH∗ chemiluminescence in hydrogen combustion systems
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Numerical simulation of spark ignition including ionization
M Thiele, S Selle, U Riedel, J Warnatz, U Maas
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Temporal sequences and chaos in neural nets
U Riedel, R Kühn, JL Van Hemmen
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Combustion timing in HCCI engines determined by ion-sensor: experimental and kinetic modeling
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About the interaction between composition and performance of alternative jet fuels
M Braun-Unkhoff, T Kathrotia, B Rauch, U Riedel
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Pyrolysis of biofuels of the future: Sewage sludge and microalgae–Thermogravimetric analysis and modelling of the pyrolysis under different temperature conditions
A Soria-Verdugo, E Goos, A Morato-Godino, N García-Hernando, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 138, 261-272, 2017
Modeling of nitrogen and oxygen recombination on partial catalytic surfaces
O Deutschmann, U Riedel, J Warnatz
Journal of heat transfer 117 (2), 495-501, 1995
The Oxidation of a Coal-to-Liquid Synthetic Jet Fuel: Experimental and Chemical Kinetic Modeling Study
A Mzé Ahmed, P Dagaut, K Hadj-Ali, G Dayma, T Kick, J Herbst, ...
Energy & Fuels, 2012
Phase diagrams of CO 2 and CO 2–N 2 gas mixtures and their application in compression processes
E Goos, U Riedel, L Zhao, L Blum
Energy Procedia 4, 3778-3785, 2011
A sectional approach for biomass: Modelling the pyrolysis of cellulose
T Lin, E Goos, U Riedel
Fuel Processing Technology 115, 246-253, 2013
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