Hanna Sizemore
Hanna Sizemore
Research Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
E-mail megerősítve itt: psi.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Ground ice at the Phoenix landing site: Stability state and origin
MT Mellon, RE Arvidson, HG Sizemore, ML Searls, DL Blaney, S Cull, ...
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Extensive water ice within Ceres’ aqueously altered regolith: Evidence from nuclear spectroscopy
TH Prettyman, N Yamashita, MJ Toplis, HY McSween, N Schörghofer, ...
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Results from the Mars Phoenix lander robotic arm experiment
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A prelanding assessment of the ice table depth and ground ice characteristics in Martian permafrost at the Phoenix landing site
MT Mellon, WV Boynton, WC Feldman, RE Arvidson, TN Titus, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 113 (E3), 2008
The periglacial landscape at the Phoenix landing site
MT Mellon, MC Malin, RE Arvidson, ML Searls, HG Sizemore, TL Heet, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 114 (E1), 2009
Laboratory characterization of the structural properties controlling dynamical gas transport in Mars-analog soils
HG Sizemore, MT Mellon
Icarus 197 (2), 606-620, 2008
A possible brine reservoir beneath Occator crater: thermal and compositional evolution and formation of the Cerealia dome and Vinalia Faculae
LC Quick, DL Buczkowski, O Ruesch, JEC Scully, J Castillo-Rogez, ...
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Initiation and growth of Martian ice lenses
HG Sizemore, AP Zent, AW Rempel
Icarus 251, 191-210, 2015
Pitted terrains on (1) Ceres and implications for shallow subsurface volatile distribution
HG Sizemore, T Platz, N Schorghofer, TH Prettyman, MC De Sanctis, ...
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CA Raymond, AI Ermakov, JC Castillo-Rogez, S Marchi, BC Johnson, ...
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A global inventory of ice‐related morphological features on dwarf planet Ceres: Implications for the evolution and current state of the cryosphere
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Cryovolcanic rates on Ceres revealed by topography
MM Sori, HG Sizemore, S Byrne, AM Bramson, MT Bland, NT Stein, ...
Nature Astronomy 2 (12), 946-950, 2018
Effects of soil heterogeneity on martian ground-ice stability and orbital estimates of ice table depth
HG Sizemore, MT Mellon
Icarus 185 (2), 358-369, 2006
Conditions for the long‐term preservation of a deep brine reservoir in Ceres
JC Castillo‐Rogez, MA Hesse, M Formisano, H Sizemore, M Bland, ...
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The central pit and dome at Cerealia Facula bright deposit and floor deposits in Occator crater, Ceres: morphology, comparisons and formation
P Schenk, H Sizemore, B Schmidt, J Castillo-Rogez, M De Sanctis, ...
Icarus 320, 159-187, 2019
Geologic mapping of the Urvara and Yalode Quadrangles of Ceres
DA Crown, HG Sizemore, RA Yingst, SC Mest, T Platz, DC Berman, ...
Icarus 316, 167-190, 2018
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