Thomas Pettke
Thomas Pettke
University of Bern, Inst. Geol. Sci.
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Trace element signature of subduction-zone fluids, melts and supercritical liquids at 120–180 km depth
R Kessel, MW Schmidt, P Ulmer, T Pettke
Nature 437 (7059), 724-727, 2005
Crystal Chemistry and Stability of “Li7La3Zr2O12” Garnet: A Fast Lithium-Ion Conductor
CA Geiger, E Alekseev, B Lazic, M Fisch, T Armbruster, R Langner, ...
Inorganic chemistry 50 (3), 1089-1097, 2011
Quantitative multi-element analysis of minerals, fluid and melt inclusions by laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass-spectrometry
CA Heinrich, T Pettke, WE Halter, M Aigner-Torres, A Audétat, D Günther, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 67 (18), 3473-3497, 2003
Special paper: the composition of magmatic-hydrothermal fluids in barren and mineralized intrusions
A Audétat, T Pettke, CA Heinrich, RJ Bodnar
Economic Geology 103 (5), 877-908, 2008
Determination of fluid/melt partition coefficients by LA-ICPMS analysis of co-existing fluid and silicate melt inclusions: controls on element partitioning
Z Zajacz, WE Halter, T Pettke, M Guillong
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Fluid and source magma evolution of the Questa porphyry Mo deposit, New Mexico, USA
LM Klemm, T Pettke, CA Heinrich
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MR Landtwing, T Pettke, WE Halter, CA Heinrich, PB Redmond, ...
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LM Klemm, T Pettke, CA Heinrich, E Campos
Economic Geology 102 (6), 1021-1045, 2007
The water–basalt system at 4 to 6 GPa: phase relations and second critical endpoint in a K-free eclogite at 700 to 1400 C
R Kessel, P Ulmer, T Pettke, MW Schmidt, AB Thompson
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The fate of B, Cl and Li in the subducted oceanic mantle and in the antigorite breakdown fluids
M Scambelluri, O Müntener, L Ottolini, TT Pettke, R Vannucci
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Magmatic-to-hydrothermal crystallization in the W–Sn mineralized Mole Granite (NSW, Australia): Part II: Evolving zircon and thorite trace element chemistry
T Pettke, A Audétat, U Schaltegger, CA Heinrich
Chemical Geology 220 (3-4), 191-213, 2005
Recent developments in element concentration and isotope ratio analysis of individual fluid inclusions by laser ablation single and multiple collector ICP-MS
T Pettke, F Oberli, A Audétat, M Guillong, AC Simon, JJ Hanley, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 44, 10-38, 2012
Geochemistry of ocean floor and fore-arc serpentinites: constraints on the ultramafic input to subduction zones
J Kodolányi, T Pettke, C Spandler, BS Kamber, K Gméling
Journal of Petrology 53 (2), 235-270, 2012
Laser ablation ICPMS study of trace element partitioning between plagioclase and basaltic melts: an experimental approach
M Aigner-Torres, J Blundy, P Ulmer, T Pettke
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 153, 647-667, 2007
Dust production and deposition in Asia and the north Pacific Ocean over the past 12 Myr
T Pettke, AN Halliday, CM Hall, DK Rea
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 178 (3-4), 397-413, 2000
The Bingham Canyon porphyry Cu-Mo-Au deposit. III. Zoned copper-gold ore deposition by magmatic vapor expansion
MR Landtwing, C Furrer, PB Redmond, T Pettke, M Guillong, CA Heinrich
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Major to trace element analysis of melt inclusions by laser-ablation ICP-MS: methods of quantification
WE Halter, T Pettke, CA Heinrich, B Rothen-Rutishauser
Chemical Geology 183 (1-4), 63-86, 2002
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