Sebnem Ozturkoglu Budak
Sebnem Ozturkoglu Budak
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Hivatkozott rá
Rapid analysis of fungal cultures and dried figs for secondary metabolites by LC/TOF-MS
HZ Şenyuva, J Gilbert, Ş Öztürkoğlu
Analytica Chimica Acta 617 (1-2), 97-106, 2008
Protease and lipase activities of fungal and bacterial strains derived from an artisanal raw ewe's milk cheese
S Ozturkoglu-Budak, A Wiebenga, PA Bron, RP de Vries
International Journal of Food Microbiology 237, 17-27, 2016
Effect of dried nut fortification on functional, physicochemical, textural, and microbiological properties of yogurt
S Ozturkoglu-Budak, C Akal, A Yetisemiyen
Journal of Dairy Science 99 (11), 8511-8523, 2016
A genomic survey of proteases in Aspergilli
SO Budak, M Zhou, C Brouwer, A Wiebenga, I Benoit, M Di Falco, ...
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H Şenyuva, J Gilbert, R Samson, S Özcan, Ş Öztürkoğlu, D Önal
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SO Budak, MJ Figge, J Houbraken, RP de Vries
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Volatile compound profiling of Turkish Divle Cave cheese during production and ripening
S Ozturkoglu-Budak, A Gursoy, DP Aykas, C Koçak, S Dönmez, ...
Journal of dairy science 99 (7), 5120-5131, 2016
Role of milk protein–based products in some quality attributes of goat milk yogurt
F Gursel, A., Gursoy, A., Anli, E. A. K., Ozturkoglu Budak, S., Aydemir, S ...
Journal of Dairy Science 99, 2694–2703, 2016
Effect of different treatments on the stability of lysozyme, lactoferrin and β‐lactoglobulin in donkey's milk
S Ozturkoglu‐Budak
International Journal of Dairy Technology 71 (1), 36-45, 2018
Behavior and control of Listeria innocua during manufacture and storage of Turkish White Cheese
S Öztürkoğlu, GC Gürakan, H Alpas
European Food Research and Technology 222 (5-6), 614-621, 2006
Effect of inulin polymerization degree on various properties of synbiotic fermented milk including Lactobacillus acidophilus La-5 and Bifidobacterium animalis Bb-12
S Ozturkoglu-Budak, HC Akal, İ Buran, A Yetişemiyen
Journal of dairy science 102 (8), 6901-6913, 2019
Changes in Free Amino Acid and Sugar Levels of Dried Figs during Aflatoxin B1 Production by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus
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Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 56 (20), 9661-9666, 2008
A model for implementation of HACCP system for prevention and control of mycotoxins during the production of red dried chili pepper
Food Science and Technology 37, 24-29, 2017
Alternatif Bir Süt: Eşek Sütü
ŞÖ Budak, A Gürsel
Gıda 37 (4), 243-250, 2012
Role of microbial cultures and enzymes during cheese production and ripening
ŞÖ Budak, C Koçak, PA Bron, RP de Vries
Microbial cultures and enzymes in dairy technology, 182-203, 2018
Mold-ripened and raw milk cheeses: Production, risks, and benefits to human health
S Ozturkoglu-Budak, RP de Vries
Dairy in human health and disease across the lifespan, 353-361, 2017
Occurrence of foodborne pathogens and molds in Turkish foods
S Ozturkogu-Budak
Turkish Journal of Agriculture-Food Science and Technology 4 (6), 498-503, 2016
Gıda Biliminde Yeni Omik Teknolojileri
ŞÖ Budak, S Dönmez
Gıda 37 (3), 173-179, 2012
Multivariate characterization of fresh tomatoes and tomato-based products based on mineral contents including major trace elements and heavy metals
S OzturkOglu-budak–IncI akSahIn
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research (ISSN 1336-8672) 55 (3), 214-221, 2016
Potential Probiotic Microorganisms in Kefir
HC Akal, ŞÖ Budak, A Yetisemiyen
Microbial Cultures and Enzymes in Dairy Technology, 276-296, 2018
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