Gianluca Vignaroli
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Subduction polarity reversal at the junction between the Western Alps and the Northern Apennines, Italy
G Vignaroli, C Faccenna, L Jolivet, C Piromallo, F Rossetti
Tectonophysics 450 (1-4), 34-50, 2008
Early Cretaceous migmatitic mafic granulites from the Sabzevar range (NE Iran): implications for the closure of the Mesozoic peri‐Tethyan oceans in central Iran
F Rossetti, M Nasrabady, G Vignaroli, T Theye, A Gerdes, MH Razavi, ...
Terra Nova 22 (1), 26-34, 2010
Alpine orogenic P‐T‐t‐deformation history of the Catena Costiera area and surrounding regions (Calabrian Arc, southern Italy): The nappe edifice of north Calabria revised with …
F Rossetti, B Goffé, P Monié, C Faccenna, G Vignaroli
Tectonics 23 (6), 2004
Tectonic setting and geochronology of the Cadomian (Ediacaran-Cambrian) magmatism in Central Iran, Kuh-e-Sarhangi region (NW Lut Block)
F Rossetti, R Nozaem, F Lucci, G Vignaroli, A Gerdes, M Nasrabadi, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 102, 24-44, 2015
A synchronous Alpine and Corsica‐Sardinia rotation
M Maffione, F Speranza, C Faccenna, A Cascella, G Vignaroli, L Sagnotti
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 113 (B3), 2008
Adakite differentiation and emplacement in a subduction channel: The late Paleocene Sabzevar magmatism (NE Iran)
F Rossetti, M Nasrabady, T Theye, A Gerdes, P Monié, F Lucci, ...
Geological Society of America Bulletin 126 (3-4), 317-343, 2014
Growth of a Pleistocene giant carbonate vein and nearby thermogene travertine deposits at Semproniano, southern Tuscany, Italy: Estimate of CO2 leakage
G Berardi, G Vignaroli, A Billi, F Rossetti, M Soligo, S Kele, MO Baykara, ...
Tectonophysics 690, 219-239, 2016
A counter‐clockwise P–T path for the Voltri Massif eclogites (Ligurian Alps, Italy)
G Vignaroli, F Rossetti, M Bouybaouene, HJ Massonne, T Theye, ...
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 23 (7), 533-555, 2005
Post-Neogene right-lateral strike–slip tectonics at the north-western edge of the Lut Block (Kuh-e–Sarhangi Fault), Central Iran
R Nozaem, M Mohajjel, F Rossetti, M Della Seta, G Vignaroli, A Yassaghi, ...
Tectonophysics 589, 220-233, 2013
Insights from the Apennines metamorphic complexes and their bearing on the kinematics evolution of the orogen
G Vignaroli, C Faccenna, F Rossetti, L Jolivet
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 311 (1), 235-256, 2009
Asbestos fibre identification vs. evaluation of asbestos hazard in ophiolitic rock mélanges, a case study from the Ligurian Alps (Italy)
G Vignaroli, P Ballirano, G Belardi, F Rossetti
Environmental Earth Sciences 72 (9), 3679-3698, 2014
Tectonics, hydrothermalism, and paleoclimate recorded by Quaternary travertines and their spatio-temporal distribution in the Albegna basin, central Italy: Insights on …
G Vignaroli, G Berardi, A Billi, S Kele, F Rossetti, M Soligo, ...
Lithosphere 8 (4), 335-358, 2016
Rift inheritance controls the switch from thin-to thick-skinned thrusting and basal décollement re-localization at the subduction-to-collision transition
S Tavani, P Granado, A Corradetti, G Camanni, G Vignaroli, G Manatschal, ...
Bulletin 133 (9-10), 2157-2170, 2021
A way to hydrothermal paroxysm, Colli Albani volcano, Italy
G Vignaroli, L Aldega, F Balsamo, A Billi, AA De Benedetti, L De Filippis, ...
Geological Society of America Bulletin 127 (5-6), 672-687, 2015
Pressure‐temperature‐deformation‐time (P‐T‐d‐t) exhumation history of the Voltri Massif HP complex, Ligurian Alps, Italy
G Vignaroli, F Rossetti, D Rubatto, T Theye, F Lisker, D Phillips
Tectonics 29 (6), 2010
Miocene thrusting in the eastern Sila Massif: Implication for the evolution of the Calabria-Peloritani orogenic wedge (southern Italy)
G Vignaroli, L Minelli, F Rossetti, ML Balestrieri, C Faccenna
Tectonophysics 538, 105-119, 2012
Spatio-temporal evolution of intraplate strike-slip faulting: The Neogene–Quaternary Kuh-e-Faghan Fault, central Iran
G Calzolari, F Rossetti, M Della Seta, R Nozaem, V Olivetti, ML Balestrieri, ...
Geological Society of America Bulletin 128 (3-4), 374-396, 2016
Geology of the central part of the Amatrice Basin (Central Apennines, Italy)
G Vignaroli, M Mancini, F Bucci, M Cardinali, GP Cavinato, M Moscatelli, ...
Journal of Maps 15 (2), 193-202, 2019
Structural compartmentalisation of a geothermal system, the Torre Alfina field (central Italy)
G Vignaroli, A Pinton, AA De Benedetti, G Giordano, F Rossetti, M Soligo, ...
Tectonophysics 608, 482-498, 2013
Development of an Intrawedge Tectonic Mélange by Out‐of‐Sequence Thrusting, Buttressing, and Intraformational Rheological Contrast, Mt. Massico Ridge, Apennines, Italy
L Smeraglia, L Aldega, A Billi, E Carminati, F Di Fiore, A Gerdes, R Albert, ...
Tectonics 38 (4), 1223-1249, 2019
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