Markus Windolf
Markus Windolf
AO Research Institute Davos
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Systematic accuracy and precision analysis of video motion capturing systems—exemplified on the Vicon-460 system
M Windolf, N Götzen, M Morlock
Journal of biomechanics 41 (12), 2776-2780, 2008
Surgical power drill including a measuring unit suitable for bone screw length determination
M Windolf, M Schuetz
US Patent 10,736,644, 2020
Adjacent vertebral failure after vertebroplasty: a biomechanical study of low-modulus PMMA cement
A Boger, P Heini, M Windolf, E Schneider
European Spine Journal 16 (12), 2118-2125, 2007
Mechanobiologically optimized 3D titanium-mesh scaffolds enhance bone regeneration in critical segmental defects in sheep
AM Pobloth, S Checa, H Razi, A Petersen, JC Weaver, K Schmidt-Bleek, ...
Science translational medicine 10 (423), eaam8828, 2018
Impact of complications in total ankle replacement and ankle arthrodesis analyzed with a validated outcome measurement
FG Krause, M Windolf, B Bora, MJ Penner, KJ Wing, ASE Younger
JBJS 93 (9), 830-839, 2011
Is a helical shaped implant a superior alternative to the Dynamic Hip Screw for unstable femoral neck fractures? A biomechanical investigation
M Windolf, V Braunstein, C Dutoit, K Schwieger
Clinical Biomechanics 24 (1), 59-64, 2009
Stability of medial locking plate and compression screw versus two crossed screws for lapidus arthrodesis
K Klos, B Gueorguiev, T Mückley, R Fröber, GO Hofmann, K Schwieger, ...
Foot & ankle international 31 (2), 158-163, 2010
Quantification of cancellous bone-compaction due to DHS® Blade insertion and influence upon cut-out resistance
M Windolf, R Muths, V Braunstein, B Gueorguiev, M Hänni, K Schwieger
Clinical Biomechanics 24 (1), 53-58, 2009
Biomechanical in vitro assessment of screw augmentation in locked plating of proximal humerus fractures
G Röderer, A Scola, W Schmölz, F Gebhard, M Windolf, L Hofmann-Fliri
Injury 44 (10), 1327-1332, 2013
Biomechanical performance of different cable and wire cerclage configurations
M Lenz, SM Perren, RG Richards, T Mückley, GO Hofmann, B Gueorguiev, ...
International Orthopaedics 37 (1), 125-130, 2013
Biomechanical evaluation of a new augmentation method for enhanced screw fixation in osteoporotic proximal femoral fractures
P Von der Linden, A Gisep, V Boner, M Windolf, A Appelt, N Suhm
Journal of orthopaedic research 24 (12), 2230-2237, 2006
Cerclage, evolution and potential of a Cinderella technology. An overview with reference to periprosthetic fractures
SM Perren, A Fernandez Dell’Oca, M Lenz, M Windolf
Acta Chir Orthop Traumatol Cech 78 (3), 190-199, 2011
Angular stability potentially permits fewer locking screws compared with conventional locking in intramedullary nailed distal tibia fractures: a biomechanical study
B Gueorguiev, B Ockert, K Schwieger, D Wähnert, M Lawson-Smith, ...
Journal of orthopaedic trauma 25 (6), 340-346, 2011
Cerclage handling for improved fracture treatment. A biomechanical study on the twisting procedure
D Wähnert, M Lenz, U Schlegel, S Perren, M Windolf
Acta Chir Orthop Traumatol Cech 78 (3), 208-214, 2011
Biomechanical comparison of a new staple technique with tension band wiring for transverse patella fractures
B Schnabel, M Scharf, K Schwieger, M Windolf, B van der Pol, ...
Clinical Biomechanics 24 (10), 855-859, 2009
Potential of polymethylmethacrylate cement-augmented helical proximal femoral nail antirotation blades to improve implant stability—a biomechanical investigation in human …
A Sermon, V Boner, A Boger, K Schwieger, S Boonen, PL Broos, ...
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 72 (2), E54-E59, 2012
A biomechanical study on proximal plate fixation techniques in periprosthetic femur fractures
M Lenz, SM Perren, B Gueorguiev, RG Richards, GO Hofmann, ...
Injury 45, S71-S75, 2014
Comparison of locking and conventional screws for maintenance of tibial plateau positioning and biomechanical stability after locking tibial plateau leveling osteotomy plate …
M Leitner, SG Pearce, M Windolf, K Schwieger, S Zeiter, P Schawalder, ...
Veterinary Surgery 37 (4), 357-365, 2008
Evaluation of a polyaxial angle-stable volar plate in a distal radius C-fracture model–a biomechanical study
S Rausch, K Klos, H Stephan, K Hoffmeier, F Gras, M Windolf, ...
Injury 42 (11), 1248-1252, 2011
Tension band wiring of the olecranon: is it really a dynamic principle of osteosynthesis?
PRG Brink, M Windolf, P De Boer, S Brianza, V Braunstein, K Schwieger
Injury 44 (4), 518-522, 2013
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