Suparna Goswami
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Tweeting to feel connected: A model for social connectedness in online social networks
C Riedl, F Köbler, S Goswami, H Krcmar
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Personalised eco-feedback as a design technique for motivating energy saving behaviour at home
P Petkov, S Goswami, F Köbler, H Krcmar
Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction …, 2012
Using online social networking to enhance social connectedness and social support for the elderly
S Goswami, F Köbler, JM Leimeister, H Krcmar
Association for Information Systems, 2010
A comparative analysis of information visibility in two supply chain management information systems
S Goswami, T Engel, H Krcmar
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Real options from RFID adoption: the role of institutions and managerial mindfulness
S Goswami, HH Teo, HC Chan
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Decision-maker mindfulness in it adoption: The role of informed culture and individual personality
S Goswami, HH Teo, HC Chan
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The role of visualization tools in spreadsheet error correction from a cognitive fit perspective
S Goswami, HC Chan, HW Kim
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NFriendConnector: Design and evaluation of an application for integrating offline and online social networking
F Köbler, S Goswami, P Koene, JM Leimeister, H Krcmar
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An alternative fit through problem representation in cognitive fit theory
HC Chan, S Goswami, HW Kim
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Designing interfaces for multiple-goal environments: Experimental insights from in-vehicle speech interfaces
S Truschin, M Schermann, S Goswami, H Krcmar
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Promoting the quality of user generated ideas in online innovation communities: A knowledge collaboration perspective
J Ye, I Blohm, U Breschneider, S Goswami, JM Leimeister, H Krcmar
Association for Information Systems, 2016
Concept for an Integration-Framework to enable the crossdisciplinary Development of Product-Service Systems
K Kernschmidt, T Wolfenstetter, C Münzberg, D Kammerl, S Goswami, ...
2013 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering …, 2013
Generating trust in online consumer reviews through signaling: An experimental study
T Riasanow, HJ Ye, S Goswami
2015 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 3307-3316, 2015
Green information systems use in social enterprise: the case of a community-led eco-localization website in the West Midlands region of the UK
R Gholami, A Molla, S Goswami, C Brewster
Information Systems Frontiers 20 (6), 1345-1361, 2018
A matrix for selecting appropriate customer integration methods
K Füller, T Engel, M Benz, S Goswami, H Krcmar
POMS International Conference, Singapore, 2014
An ontology-based platform to collaboratively manage supply chains
T Engel, M Bhat, V Vasudhara, S Goswami, H Krcmar
25th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society …, 2014
Web services framework for power quality monitoring
FJ Gomez, J Melendez, S Herraiz, E Gonzalez, M Lopez-Perea, ...
Smart SysTech 2013; European Conference on Smart Objects, Systems and …, 2013
Achieving High Performing Supply Networks Through Value Network Transparency.
S Goswami, T Ravichandran, HH Teo, H Krcmar
PACIS, 68, 2011
Improving common model understanding within collaborative engineering design research projects
A Kohn, J Reif, T Wolfenstetter, K Kernschmidt, S Goswami, H Krcmar, ...
ICoRD'13, 643-654, 2013
Collaboration and the quality of user generated ideas in online innovation communities
H Ye, A Kankanhalli, MJ Huber, U Bretschneider, I Blohm, S Goswami, ...
Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Forthcoming, 2012
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