Santanu Misra
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A review of experimental research on Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (ECBM) recovery via CO2 sequestration
M Mukherjee, S Misra
Earth-Science Reviews 179, 392-410, 2018
Social networks in the context of community response to disaster: Study of a cyclone-affected community in Coastal West Bengal, India
S Misra, R Goswami, T Mondal, R Jana
International journal of disaster risk reduction 22, 281-296, 2017
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S Misra, N Mandal, R Dhar, C Chakraborty
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ARL Kushnir, LA Kennedy, S Misra, P Benson, JC White
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S Misra, N Mandal
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An integrated DEMATEL and AHP approach for personnel estimation
B Roy, SK Misra, P Gupta, A Goswami
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NJR Hunter, RF Weinberg, CJL Wilson, V Luzin, S Misra
Bulletin 130 (9-10), 1519-1539, 2018
Landslides and liquefaction generated by the cook strait and lake grassmere earthquakes: A reconnaissance report
S Van Dissen, R., McSaveney, M., Townsend, D., Hancox, G., Little, T.A ...
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Application of social network analysis in livelihood system study
S Misra, R Goswami, D Basu, R Jana
Space and Culture, India, 2014
Development of Autonomous Advanced Disinfection Tunnel to Tackle External Surface Disinfection of COVID-19 Virus in Public Places
RMAKA D Mauryal, MK Gohil, U Sonawane, D Kumar, A Awasthi, AK Prajapati, K ...
Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering 5, 2020
Fault damage zones in mechanically layered rocks: The effects of planar anisotropy
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N Mandal, AK Mitra, S Misra, C Chakraborty
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Deformation localization at the tips of shear fractures: An analytical approach
S Misra
Tectonophysics 503 (1-2), 182-187, 2011
Comparative Study on Different Multi-Criteria Decision Making Tools in Software project selection scenario.
SK Misra, A Ray
International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science 3 (4), 2012
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