Petia Kojouharova
Petia Kojouharova
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, HUN-REN Research Centre for Natural Sciences
E-mail megerősítve itt: ttk.hu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
The source of the symbolic numerical distance and size effects
A Krajcsi, G Lengyel, P Kojouharova
Frontiers in psychology 7, 220477, 2016
Symbolic number comparison is not processed by the analog number system: Different symbolic and non-symbolic numerical distance and size effects
A Krajcsi, G Lengyel, P Kojouharova
Frontiers in Psychology 9, 332345, 2018
Symbolic numerical distance effect does not reflect the difference between numbers
A Krajcsi, P Kojouharova
Frontiers in Psychology 8, 306557, 2017
Visual mismatch negativity and stimulus-specific adaptation: the role of stimulus complexity
P Kojouharova, D File, I Sulykos, I Czigler
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Processing symbolic numbers: The example of distance and size effects
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A Life in Cognition, 379-394, 2022
Development of preschoolers’ understanding of zero
A Krajcsi, P Kojouharova, G Lengyel
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Visual mismatch negativity (vMMN): A mini review of non-pathological studies with special populations and stimuli
I Czigler, P Kojouharova
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The Indo-Arabic distance effect originates in the response statistics of the task
P Kojouharova, A Krajcsi
Psychological Research, 1-13, 2018
Two components of the Indo-Arabic numerical size effect
P Kojouharova, A Krajcsi
Acta psychologica 192, 163-171, 2019
Automatic detection of peripheral stimuli in shooters and handball players: an event-related potential study
B Petro, Á Lénárt, ZA Gaál, P Kojouharova, T Kökény, C Ökrös, I Czigler
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Older adults automatically detect age of older adults' photographs: A visual mismatch negativity study
P Csizmadia, B Petro, P Kojouharova, ZA Gaál, K Scheiling, B Nagy, ...
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Visual mismatch negativity to disappearing parts of objects and textures
I Czigler, I Sulykos, D File, P Kojouharova, ZA Gaál
PloS one 14 (2), e0209130, 2019
Preschoolers’ Development of Understanding Zero
A Krajcsi, P Kojouharova, G Lengyel
Preprints, 2020
Mechanisms of spatial contextual cueing in younger and older adults
P Kojouharova, B Nagy, I Czigler, ZA Gaál
Psychophysiology 60 (11), e14361, 2023
Age effects on distraction in a visual task requiring fast reactions: An event-related potential study
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The role of attention control in visual mismatch negativity (vMMN) studies
B Petro, ZA Gaál, P Kojouharova, I Czigler
Experimental Brain Research 241 (4), 1001-1008, 2023
Stimulus frequency alone can account for the size effect in number comparison
A Krajcsi, P Kojouharova
Acta Psychologica 232, 103817, 2023
Automatic detection of irregular vanishing and reappearing parts of objects in two interwoven sequences: A visual mismatch negativity study
N Csikós, B Petro, P Kojouharova, K Scheiling, ZA Gaál, I Czigler
European Journal of Neuroscience 57 (10), 1736-1747, 2023
The imbalance of self-reported wanting and liking is associated with the degree of attentional bias toward smoking-related stimuli in low nicotine dependence smokers
D File, B Petro, P Kojouharova, L Kővári, ZA Gaál, Z Demetrovics, ...
Frontiers in Psychology 15, 1356434, 2024
Investigating the Effect of Contextual Cueing with Face Stimuli on Electrophysiological Measures in Younger and Older Adults
B Nagy, P Kojouharova, AB Protzner, ZA Gaál
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 36 (5), 776-799, 2024
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