David H. Wang
David H. Wang
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
High‐temperature and high‐energy‐density dipolar glass polymers based on sulfonylated poly (2, 6‐dimethyl‐1, 4‐phenylene oxide)
Z Zhang, DH Wang, MH Litt, LS Tan, L Zhu
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Polymer design for high temperature shape memory: Low crosslink density polyimides
H Koerner, RJ Strong, ML Smith, DH Wang, LS Tan, KM Lee, TJ White, ...
Polymer 54 (1), 391-402, 2013
Contactless, photoinitiated snap-through in azobenzene-functionalized polymers
MR Shankar, ML Smith, VP Tondiglia, KM Lee, ME McConney, DH Wang, ...
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Impact of backbone rigidity on the photomechanical response of glassy, azobenzene-functionalized polyimides
DH Wang, JJ Wie, KM Lee, TJ White, LS Tan
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Large-scale self-assembly of dispersed nanodiamonds
H Huang, L Dai, DH Wang, LS Tan, E Osawa
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Synthesis and characterization of high nitrile content polyimides as dielectric films for electrical energy storage
DH Wang, BA Kurish, I Treufeld, L Zhu, LS Tan
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Thermal− electrical character of in situ synthesized polyimide-grafted carbon nanofiber composites
MJ Arlen, D Wang, JD Jacobs, R Justice, A Trionfi, JWP Hsu, D Schaffer, ...
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AT Sellinger, DH Wang, LS Tan, RA Vaia
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JY Choi, SJ Oh, HJ Lee, DH Wang, LS Tan, JB Baek
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Nanocomposites derived from a low-color aromatic polyimide (CP2) and amine-functionalized vapor-grown carbon nanofibers: in situ polymerization and characterization
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Nanocomposites based on vapor-grown carbon nanofibers and an epoxy: Functionalization, preparation and characterization
DH Wang, S Sihn, AK Roy, JB Baek, LS Tan
European polymer journal 46 (7), 1404-1416, 2010
In-situ nanocomposite synthesis: arylcarbonylation and grafting of primary diamond nanoparticles with a poly (ether− ketone) in polyphosphoric acid
DH Wang, LS Tan, H Huang, L Dai, E O̅sawa
Macromolecules 42 (1), 114-124, 2009
Tailoring the photomechanical response of glassy, azobenzene-functionalized polyimides by physical aging
BKM Lee, H Koerner, DH Wang, LS Tan, TJ White, RA Vaia
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Molecular engineering of azobenzene-functionalized polyimides to enhance both photomechanical work and motion
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Synthesis and properties of polyimides containing multiple alkyl side chains
DH Wang, Z Shen, M Guo, SZD Cheng, FW Harris
Macromolecules 40 (4), 889-900, 2007
Dielectric characteristics of polyimide CP2
JD Jacobs, MJ Arlen, DH Wang, Z Ounaies, R Berry, LS Tan, PH Garrett, ...
Polymer 51 (14), 3139-3146, 2010
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