Jeffrey A. Steadman
Jeffrey A. Steadman
Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
E-mail megerősítve itt: utas.edu.au
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Hivatkozott rá
Pyrite compositions from VHMS and orogenic Au deposits in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Implications for gold and copper exploration
I Belousov, RR Large, S Meffre, LV Danyushevsky, J Steadman, ...
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Trace element content of pyrite from the kapai slate, St. Ives Gold District, Western Australia
DD Gregory, RR Large, AB Bath, JA Steadman, S Wu, L Danyushevsky, ...
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Ocean and atmosphere geochemical proxies derived from trace elements in marine pyrite: Implications for ore genesis in sedimentary basins
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Gold in the oceans through time
RR Large, DD Gregory, JA Steadman, AG Tomkins, E Lounejeva, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 428, 139-150, 2015
Synsedimentary to early diagenetic gold in black shale-hosted pyrite nodules at the Golden Mile Deposit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
JA Steadman, RR Large, S Meffre, PH Olin, LV Danyushevsky, ...
Economic Geology 110 (5), 1157-1191, 2015
Distinguishing ore deposit type and barren sedimentary pyrite using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry trace element data and statistical analysis of …
DD Gregory, MJ Cracknell, RR Large, P McGoldrick, S Kuhn, ...
Economic Geology 114 (4), 771-786, 2019
Sedimentary sulfides
D Rickard, M Mussmann, JA Steadman
Elements 13 (2), 117-122, 2017
Atmosphere oxygen cycling through the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic
RR Large, I Mukherjee, D Gregory, J Steadman, R Corkrey, ...
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Synsedimentary, diagenetic, and metamorphic pyrite, pyrrhotite, and marcasite at the Homestake BIF-hosted gold deposit, South Dakota, USA: Insights on Au-As ore genesis from …
JA Steadman, RR Large
Economic Geology 111 (7), 1731-1752, 2016
The chemical conditions of the late Archean Hamersley basin inferred from whole rock and pyrite geochemistry with Δ33S and δ34S isotope analyses
DD Gregory, RR Large, JA Halpin, JA Steadman, AH Hickman, TR Ireland, ...
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S Meffre, RR Large, JA Steadman, DD Gregory, AS Stepanov, ...
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SC Johnson, RR Large, RM Coveney, KD Kelley, JF Slack, JA Steadman, ...
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Pyrite trace element behavior in magmatic-hydrothermal environments: An LA-ICPMS imaging study
JA Steadman, RR Large, PH Olin, LV Danyushevsky, S Meffre, D Huston, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 128, 103878, 2021
Age, origin and significance of nodular sulfides in 2680 Ma carbonaceous black shale of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
JA Steadman, RR Large, S Meffre, SW Bull
Precambrian Research 230, 227-247, 2013
Paragenesis and composition of ore minerals in the Randalls BIF-hosted gold deposits, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Implications for the timing of deposit formation and …
JA Steadman, RR Large, GJ Davidson, SW Bull, J Thompson, TR Ireland, ...
Precambrian Research 243, 110-132, 2014
Evidence for elevated and variable atmospheric oxygen in the Precambrian
JA Steadman, RR Large, NJ Blamey, I Mukherjee, R Corkrey, ...
Precambrian Research 343, 105722, 2020
Multistage pyrites in the Nibao disseminated gold deposit, southwestern Guizhou Province, China: Insights into the origin of Au from textures, in situ trace elements, and …
DT Wei, Y Xia, DD Gregory, JA Steadman, QP Tan, ZJ Xie, X Liu
Ore Geology Reviews 122, 103446, 2020
The fluid evolution of the Nimbus Ag-Zn-(Au) deposit: An interplay between mantle plume and microbial activity
S Caruso, ML Fiorentini, SP Hollis, C LaFlamme, RJ Baumgartner, ...
Precambrian Research 317, 211-229, 2018
Forum Comment
AS Stepanov, S Meffre, J Mavrogenes, J Steadman
Geology 44, 394, 2016
Porphyry fertility in the Northparkes district: indicators from whole-rock geochemistry
TJ Wells, S Meffre, DR Cooke, JA Steadman, JL Hoye
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 67 (5), 717-738, 2020
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