Kiran Aithal
Kiran Aithal
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology
E-mail megerősítve itt: nmit.ac.in
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Development of pineapple leaf fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites
DS Santosh Kumar, BA Praveen, S Kiran Aithal, K UN
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology 2 (3), 2190-2193, 2015
Mechanical Characterization and Microstructure analysis of Al C355. 0 by Sand Casting, Die Casting and Centrifugal Casting Techniques.
MV Santosh, KR Suresh, SK Aithal
Materials Today: Proceedings 4 (10), 10987-10993, 2017
RSM based parameter optimization of CI engine fuelled with nickel oxide dosed Azadirachta indica methyl ester
C Srinidhi, A Madhusudhan, SV Channapattana, SV Gawali, K Aithal
Energy 234, 121282, 2021
Effect of combined grain refinement and modification on microstructure and mechanical properties of hypoeutectic, eutectic and hypereutectic Al-Si alloys
CG Shivaprasad, K Aithal, S Narendranath, V Desai, PG Mukunda
International Journal of Microstructure and Materials Properties 10 (3-4 …, 2015
Experimental studies of flow patterns of different fluids in a partially filled rotating cylinder
PR Mukunda, RA Shailesh, AS Kiran, SR Shrikantha
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Mechanical and tribological properties of centrifugally cast Al-Si-SiC composites
M Poornesh, N Harish, K Aithal
Am. J. Mater. Sci. 6 (4A), 31-35, 2016
Kiran Aithal S,“A Study on Enhancing COP in VCR by Providing Diffuser in between Condenser and Compressor”
R Rakesh, HN Manjunath, R Krupa, SH Gowda
Energy and Power 7 (5), 142, 0
Evaluation of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Directionally Solidified Al-Si Based FG Composite
Silicon 12 (3), 701-713, 2020
Evolution of microstructure and hardness of AL-SI functionally graded material cast through centrifuge technique using hypereutectic and eutectic Al-SI
AS Kiran, V Desai, PG Mukunda
Influence of teeming temperature of molten tin in centrifugal casting
PG Mukunda, SR Shrikantha, AR Shailesh, SK Aithal
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Enhancing the mechanical and tribological properties of solid cylindrical aluminum specimen by reinforcing alumina nanoparticulate through centrifuge casting technique
KS Chethan, SK Aithal, BK Muralidhara
Materials Research Express 6 (10), 1065g9, 2019
Effect of lateral vibrations during directional solidification on mechanical properties of Al-18% wt Si Alloys
NR Babu, MR Ramesh, SK Aithal, K Kotresh
Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2), 6954-6962, 2018
Strength evaluation of flake and spheroidal graphite cast irons using diametral compression test
S Reddy, PG Mukunda, K Aithal, PB Shetty
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Microstructure, Hardness and Wear Characterization of Al-Si FGMs
K Aithal, V Desai, N Narendranath, PG Mukunda
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Design and Development of Solar-Thermal Energy Storage System of Phase Change Materials
HN Manjunath, NR Babu, SS Kumar, SH Gowda, KS Aithal
Energy and Power 7 (4), 93-98, 2017
Effect of L/D ratio on Al-Si functionally graded material cast through centrifuge technique
K Aithal, V Desai, PG Mukunda
Advanced Materials Research 213, 281-285, 2011
Study of dry sliding wear behavior of Al-Si-C FG alloy developed through directional solidification
RB Narayanappa, RM Rangarasaiah, KA Subbanna, VK Shivakumar, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 2080 (1), 020009, 2019
Transient thermal investigations during external chilling of Al-18% Si Castings through experimental and finite element modelling
HN Manjunath, SK Aithal, LH Kumar, NR Babu, V Auradi
Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2), 7191-7197, 2018
Development of a Kit to Extract Water from Atmospheric Air
NA Srinidhi, R Vinod Kumar, S Kiran Aithal
Int. J. Eng. Res. Technol 6, 243-250, 2017
Optimization technique applied for method of evaluation of a controllable factor of FSAE car chassis
R Suraj, AV Pavan Kumar, AP Kulkarni, S Kiran Aithal, R Vinutha
Innovative Design and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive …, 2017
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