Remy Bossu
Remy Bossu
Head of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
E-mail megerősítve itt: emsc-csem.org - Kezdőlap
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Hivatkozott rá
LastQuake: From rapid information to global seismic risk reduction
R Bossu, F Roussel, L Fallou, M Landès, R Steed, G Mazet-Roux, ...
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Recent deformation in the Turan and South Kazakh platforms, western central Asia, and its relation to Arabia‐Asia and India‐Asia collisions
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The importance of smartphones as public earthquake-information tools and tools for the rapid engagement with eyewitnesses: A case study of the 2015 Nepal earthquake sequence
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Internet users as seismic sensors for improved earthquake response
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Thumbnail‐based questionnaires for the rapid and efficient collection of macroseismic data from global earthquakes
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Rapid public information and situational awareness after the November 26, 2019, Albania earthquake: lessons learned from the LastQuake system
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“Shaking in 5 Seconds!”—Performance and user appreciation assessment of the earthquake network smartphone‐based public earthquake early warning system
R Bossu, F Finazzi, R Steed, L Fallou, I Bondár
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Citizen seismology: How to involve the public in earthquake response
R Bossu, S Gilles, G Mazet-Roux, F Roussel, DS Miller, JD Rivera
Comparative emergency management: Examining global and regional responses to …, 2011
Estimating the ground‐motion distribution of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice, Italy, earthquake using remote infrasound observations
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Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 85 (2), 552-559, 1995
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