Guillem Sole-Mari
Guillem Sole-Mari
E-mail megerősítve itt: nd.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A KDE‐based random walk method for modeling reactive transport with complex kinetics in porous media
G Sole‐Mari, D Fernàndez‐Garcia, P Rodríguez‐Escales, ...
Water Resources Research 53 (11), 9019-9039, 2017
Particle density estimation with grid-projected and boundary-corrected adaptive kernels
G Sole-Mari, D Bolster, D Fernàndez-Garcia, X Sanchez-Vila
Advances in water resources 131, 103382, 2019
Lagrangian modeling of reactive transport in heterogeneous porous media with an automatic locally adaptive particle support volume
G Sole‐Mari, D Fernàndez‐Garcia
Water Resources Research 54 (10), 8309-8331, 2018
Numerical equivalence between SPH and probabilistic mass transfer methods for Lagrangian simulation of dispersion
G Sole-Mari, MJ Schmidt, SD Pankavich, DA Benson
Advances in water resources 126, 108-115, 2019
Lagrangian modeling of mixing‐limited reactive transport in porous media: Multirate interaction by exchange with the mean
G Sole‐Mari, D Fernàndez‐Garcia, X Sanchez‐Vila, D Bolster
Water Resources Research 56 (8), e2019WR026993, 2020
Entropy:(1) The former trouble with particle-tracking simulation, and (2) A measure of computational information penalty
DA Benson, S Pankavich, MJ Schmidt, G Sole-Mari
Advances in Water Resources 137, 103509, 2020
A closer look: High-resolution pore-scale simulations of solute transport and mixing through porous media columns
G Sole-Mari, D Bolster, D Fernandez-Garcia
Transport in Porous Media, 1-27, 2022
Random‐Walk Modeling of Reactive Transport in Porous Media With a Reduced‐Order Chemical Basis of Conservative Components
G Sole‐Mari, MJ Schmidt, D Bolster, D Fernàndez‐Garcia
Water Resources Research 57 (4), e2020WR028679, 2021
Solute transport in bounded porous media characterized by generalized sub-Gaussian log-conductivity distributions
G Sole-Mari, M Riva, D Fernàndez-Garcia, X Sanchez-Vila, A Guadagnini
Advances in Water Resources 147, 103812, 2021
Characterizing reactive transport behavior in a three-dimensional discrete fracture network
T Sherman, G Sole-Mari, J Hyman, MR Sweeney, D Vassallo, D Bolster
Transport in Porous Media, 1-21, 2021
Entropy: The former trouble with particles (including a new numerical model computational penalty for the Akaike information criterion)
DA Benson, S Pankavich, M Schmidt, G Sole-Mari
arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.06119, 2019
Enhanced NAPL Removal and Mixing With Engineered Injection and Extraction
Y Wang, D Fernàndez‐Garcia, G Sole‐Mari, P Rodríguez‐Escales
Water Resources Research 58 (4), e2021WR031114, 2022
Lagrangian modeling of mixing-limited reactive transport in porous media
G Sole-Mari, D Fernàndez-Garcia, X Sanchez-Vila, D Bolster
Enhanced NAPL Removal and Mixing with Engineered Chaotic Advection
Y Wang, D Fernàndez-Garcia, G Sole-Mari, P Rodríguez-Escales
Authorea Preprints, 2022
An Exact Penalty for the Computational Entropy of Discretized Model Solutions: Incorporation into a Model Information Criterion.
D Benson, S Pankavich, M Schmidt, G Sole-Mari
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, H55I-0844, 2021
A pore-scale computational experiment of scalar mixing through porous media columns
G Sole-Mari, D Bolster, D Fernandez-Garcia
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, H21D-08, 2021
Chaotic Flow as a Treatment Strategy to Enhance Dilution and Break Preferential Paths in Heterogeneous Aquifers
O Bertran, D Fernandez-Garcia, P Rodriguez-Escales, G Sole-Mari
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, H45A-08, 2021
Diffusive Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Reactive Transport with Conservative Components in Heterogeneous Aquifers
R Perez, G Sole-Mari, D Fernandez-Garcia
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, H45A-09, 2021
Machine Learning-Assisted Multifidelity Biogeochemical Modeling for Watersheds and River Basins
C Steefel, G Sole-Mari, D Dwivedi, U Mital, L Stolze, B Arora, S Molins
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, H31B-05, 2021
Hybrid physics-based/statistical modeling of seasonal flow and reactive transport through heterogeneous hillslopes
G Sole-Mari, C Steefel, D Dwivedi
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, H52B-05, 2021
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