Azzam Haidar
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Hivatkozott rá
Flexible development of dense linear algebra algorithms on massively parallel architectures with DPLASMA
G Bosilca, A Bouteiller, A Danalis, M Faverge, A Haidar, T Herault, ...
2011 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing …, 2011
Harnessing GPU tensor cores for fast FP16 arithmetic to speed up mixed-precision iterative refinement solvers
A Haidar, S Tomov, J Dongarra, NJ Higham
SC18: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking …, 2018
Performance, design, and autotuning of batched GEMM for GPUs
A Abdelfattah, A Haidar, S Tomov, J Dongarra
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Accelerating numerical dense linear algebra calculations with GPUs
J Dongarra, M Gates, A Haidar, J Kurzak, P Luszczek, S Tomov, ...
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Seismic wave modeling for seismic imaging
J Virieux, S Operto, H Ben-Hadj-Ali, R Brossier, V Etienne, F Sourbier, ...
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Parallel reduction to condensed forms for symmetric eigenvalue problems using aggregated fine-grained and memory-aware kernels
A Haidar, H Ltaief, J Dongarra
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Batched matrix computations on hardware accelerators based on GPUs
A Haidar, T Dong, P Luszczek, S Tomov, J Dongarra
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High-performance tensor contractions for GPUs
A Abdelfattah, M Baboulin, V Dobrev, J Dongarra, C Earl, J Falcou, ...
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Investigating half precision arithmetic to accelerate dense linear system solvers
A Haidar, P Wu, S Tomov, J Dongarra
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Parallel programming models for dense linear algebra on heterogeneous systems
J Dongarra, M Abalenkovs, A Abdelfattah, M Gates, A Haidar, J Kurzak, ...
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High-performance matrix-matrix multiplications of very small matrices
I Masliah, A Abdelfattah, A Haidar, S Tomov, M Baboulin, J Falcou, ...
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The singular value decomposition: Anatomy of optimizing an algorithm for extreme scale
J Dongarra, M Gates, A Haidar, J Kurzak, P Luszczek, S Tomov, ...
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LU factorization of small matrices: Accelerating batched DGETRF on the GPU
T Dong, A Haidar, P Luszczek, JA Harris, S Tomov, J Dongarra
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An improved parallel singular value algorithm and its implementation for multicore hardware
A Haidar, J Kurzak, P Luszczek
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Parallel scalability study of hybrid preconditioners in three dimensions
L Giraud, A Haidar, LT Watson
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A framework for batched and GPU-resident factorization algorithms applied to block householder transformations
A Haidar, TT Dong, S Tomov, P Luszczek, J Dongarra
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Sparse approximations of the Schur complement for parallel algebraic hybrid linear solvers in 3D
L Giraud, A Haidar
INRIA, 2010
The design of fast and energy-efficient linear solvers: On the potential of half-precision arithmetic and iterative refinement techniques
A Haidar, A Abdelfattah, M Zounon, P Wu, S Pranesh, S Tomov, ...
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Analysis of dynamically scheduled tile algorithms for dense linear algebra on multicore architectures
A Haidar, H Ltaief, A YarKhan, J Dongarra
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Three‐dimensional parallel frequency‐domain visco‐acoustic wave modelling based on a hybrid direct/iterative solver
F Sourbier, A Haidar, L Giraud, H Ben‐Hadj‐Ali, S Operto, J Virieux
Geophysical Prospecting 59 (Modelling Methods for Geophysical Imaging …, 2011
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