David Bismark
David Bismark
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
PrÊt À Voter:a Voter-Verifiable Voting System
PYA Ryan, D Bismark, J Heather, S Schneider, Z Xia
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Tear and destroy: chain voting and destruction problems shared by prêta voter and punchscan and a solution using visual encryption
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Assessing the usability of open verifiable e-voting systems: a trial with the system Prêt à Voter
M Winckler, R Bernhaupt, P Palanque, D Lundin, K Leach, P Ryan, ...
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Experiences gained from the first pret a voter implementation
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Component based electronic voting systems
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Authentication codes
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The robust append-only web bulletin board
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Simple and secure electronic voting with pret a voter
D Lundin
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Safe use of a touchscreen interface in Prêt à Voter
D Lundin, PYA Ryan
Proceedings of the IAVoSS Workshop On Trustworthy Elections (WOTE'08), 2008
End-to-end verifiable voting with Pret a Voter
D Bismark
University of Surrey, 2010
The 8th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium
D Lundin, PYA Ryan
The Prêta Voter Verifiable Voting System
PYA Ryan, D Bismark, J Heather, S Schneider, Z Xia
Simple Prêt à Voter
D Lundin
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