Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh
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Nanotechnology in fertilizers
MC DeRosa, C Monreal, M Schnitzer, R Walsh, Y Sultan
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In situ biosensing with a surface plasmon resonance fiber grating aptasensor
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Retention of function in the DNA homolog of the RNA dopamine aptamer
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Preparation of functional aptamer films using layer-by-layer self-assembly
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Analysis of bacterial, fungal and archaeal populations from a municipal wastewater treatment plant developing an innovative aerobic granular sludge process
J Liu, J Li, Y Tao, B Sellamuthu, R Walsh
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Butyrylcholinesterase-Mediated enhancement of the enzymatic activity of trypsin
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Response to the Article “Enzyme–Inhibitor Interactions and a Simple, Rapid Method for Determining Inhibition Modality”
R Walsh
SLAS Discov., 2019
Real-time isothermal DNA amplification monitoring in picoliter volumes using an optical fiber sensor
M Janik, SV Hamidi, M Koba, J Perreault, R Walsh, WJ Bock, M ¦mietana
Lab on a Chip 21 (2), 397-404, 2021
Synergistic inhibition of butyrylcholinesterase by galantamine and citalopram
R Walsh, K Rockwood, E Martin, S Darvesh
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A method to describe enzyme-catalyzed reactions by combining steady state and time course enzyme kinetic parameters
R Walsh, E Martin, S Darvesh
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Enzyme-linked DNA dendrimer nanosensors for acetylcholine
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R Walsh, E Martin, S Darvesh
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1770 (5), 733-746, 2007
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