Juan Boubeta-Puig (ORCID: 0000-0002-8989-7509)
Juan Boubeta-Puig (ORCID: 0000-0002-8989-7509)
Tenured Associate Professor - Department of Computer Science and Engineering - University of Cadiz
E-mail megerősítve itt: uca.es - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
MEdit4CEP: A model-driven solution for real-time decision making in SOA 2.0
J Boubeta-Puig, G Ortiz, I Medina-Bulo
Knowledge-Based Systems 89, 97-112, 2015
COLLECT: COLLaborativE ConText-aware service oriented architecture for intelligent decision-making in the Internet of Things
A Garcia-de-Prado, G Ortiz, J Boubeta-Puig
Expert Systems with Applications 85, 231-248, 2017
A model-driven approach for facilitating user-friendly design of complex event patterns
J Boubeta-Puig, G Ortiz, I Medina-Bulo
Expert Systems with Applications 41 (2), 445-456, 2014
ModeL4CEP: Graphical domain-specific modeling languages for CEP domains and event patterns
J Boubeta-Puig, G Ortiz, I Medina-Bulo
Expert Systems with Applications 42 (21), 8095-8110, 2015
Analogies and differences between mutation operators for WS-BPEL 2.0 and other languages
J Boubeta-Puig, I Medina-Bulo, A García-Domínguez
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CARED-SOA: A context-aware event-driven service-oriented Architecture
AG De Prado, G Ortiz, J Boubeta-Puig
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MEdit4CEP-CPN: An approach for complex event processing modeling by prioritized colored Petri nets
J Boubeta-Puig, G Díaz, H Macià, V Valero, G Ortiz
Information Systems 81, 267-289, 2019
MEdit4CEP-Gam: A model-driven approach for user-friendly gamification design, monitoring and code generation in CEP-based systems
A Calderón, J Boubeta-Puig, M Ruiz
Information and Software Technology 95, 238-264, 2018
An approach of early disease detection using CEP and SOA
J Boubeta-Puig, G Ortiz, I Medina-Bulo
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Employing the CEP paradigm for network analysis and surveillance
R Gad, M Kappes, J Boubeta-Puig, I Medina-Bulo
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Procesamiento de Eventos Complejos en Entornos SOA: Caso de Estudio para la Deteccion Temprana de Epidemias
J Boubeta Puig, G Ortiz, I Medina Bulo
Actas de las VII Jornadas de Ciencia e Ingenieria de Servicios, 63-76, 2011
Integrating complex event processing and machine learning: An intelligent architecture for detecting IoT security attacks
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An autonomous UAV architecture for remote sensing and intelligent decision-making
J Boubeta-Puig, E Moguel, F Sánchez-Figueroa, J Hernández, ...
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Air4People: a smart air quality monitoring and context-aware notification system
A Garcia-de-Prado, G Ortiz, J Boubeta-Puig, D Corral-Plaza
Journal of Universal Computer Science 24 (7), 846-863, 2018
Hierarchical events for efficient distributed network analysis and surveillance
R Gad, J Boubeta-Puig, M Kappes, I Medina-Bulo
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Formalizing complex event processing systems in Maude
L Burgueño, J Boubeta-Puig, A Vallecillo
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An Intelligent Transportation System to control air pollution and road traffic in cities integrating CEP and Colored Petri Nets
G Díaz, H Macia, V Valero, J Boubeta-Puig, F Cuartero
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Towards Event-Driven Context-Aware Web Services
G Ortiz, J Boubeta-Puig, A García de Prado, I Medina-Bulo
Adaptive Web Services for Modular and Reusable Software Development: Tactics …, 2013
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