Susannah M Porter
Susannah M Porter
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Hivatkozott rá
The earliest Cambrian record of animals and ocean geochemical change
AC Maloof, SM Porter, JL Moore, FÖ Dudás, SA Bowring, JA Higgins, ...
GSA bulletin 122 (11-12), 1731-1774, 2010
Testate amoebae in the Neoproterozoic Era: evidence from vase-shaped microfossils in the Chuar Group, Grand Canyon
SM Porter, AH Knoll
Vase-shaped microfossils from the Neoproterozoic Chuar Group, Grand Canyon: a classification guided by modern testate amoebae
SM Porter, R Meisterfeld, AH Knoll
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An emerging picture of Neoproterozoic ocean chemistry: Insights from the Chuar Group, Grand Canyon, USA
DT Johnston, SW Poulton, C Dehler, S Porter, J Husson, DE Canfield, ...
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Seawater chemistry and early carbonate biomineralization
SM Porter
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Chuar Group of the Grand Canyon: Record of breakup of Rodinia, associated change in the global carbon cycle, and ecosystem expansion by 740 Ma
KE Karlstrom, SA Bowring, CM Dehler, AH Knoll, SM Porter, DJD Marais, ...
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Calcite and aragonite seas and the de novo acquisition of carbonate skeletons
SM Porter
Geobiology 8 (4), 256-277, 2010
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AC Maloof, J Ramezani, SA Bowring, DA Fike, SM Porter, M Mazouad
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SM Porter
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Early sponges and toxic protists: possible sources of cryostane, an age diagnostic biomarker antedating Sturtian Snowball Earth
JJ Brocks, AJM Jarrett, E Sirantoine, F Kenig, M Moczydłowska, S Porter, ...
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Chemostratigraphy of Neoproterozoic cap carbonates from the Volta basin, West Africa
SM Porter, AH Knoll, P Affaton
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Closing the phosphatization window: testing for the influence of taphonomic megabias on the pattern of small shelly fossil decline
SM Porter
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New data on molluscs and their shell microstructures from the Middle Cambrian Gowers Formation, Australia
MJ Vendrasco, SM Porter, A Kouchinsky, G Li, CZ Fernandez
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Biotic turnover driven by eutrophication before the Sturtian low-latitude glaciation
RM Nagy, SM Porter, CM Dehler, Y Shen
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On the co‐evolution of surface oxygen levels and animals
DB Cole, DB Mills, DH Erwin, EA Sperling, SM Porter, CT Reinhard, ...
Geobiology 18 (3), 260-281, 2020
The rise of predators
S Porter
Geology 39 (6), 607-608, 2011
A new rock-based definition for the Cryogenian Period (circa 720–635 Ma)
GA Shields-Zhou, S Porter, GP Halverson
Episodes Journal of International Geoscience 39 (1), 3-8, 2016
Tiny vampires in ancient seas: evidence for predation via perforation in fossils from the 780–740 million-year-old Chuar Group, Grand Canyon, USA
SM Porter
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1831), 20160221, 2016
Biomineralization by particle attachment in early animals
PUPA Gilbert, SM Porter, CY Sun, S Xiao, BM Gibson, N Shenkar, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (36), 17659-17665, 2019
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