Basim Mahmood
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On the effect of human mobility to the design of metropolitan mobile opportunistic networks of sensors
M Tomasini, B Mahmood, F Zambonelli, A Brayner, R Menezes
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Social-driven information dissemination for mobile wireless sensor networks
B Mahmood, M Tomasini, R Menezes
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The role of human relations and interactions in designing memory-related models for sensor networks
B Mahmood, R Menezes
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Social-based Forwarding of Messages in Sensor Networks.
B Mahmood, M Tomasini, R Menezes
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Indicators on the Feasibility of Curfew on Pandemics Outbreaks in Metropolitan/Micropolitan Cities
B Mahmood
2021 IEEE International Conference on Communication, Networks and Satellite …, 2021
Collaboration networks: university of mosul case study
BM Mahmood, NA Sultan, KH Thanoon, DS Khadhim
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The Pandemic COVID-19 Infection Spreading Spatial Aspects: A Network-Based Software Approach
B Mahmood, M Dabdawb
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Estimating memory requirements in wireless sensor networks using social tie strengths
B Mahmood, M Tomasini, R Menezes
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United states congress relations according to liberal and conservative newspapers
B Mahmood, R Menezes
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A Social-based Strategy for Memory Management in Sensor Networks.
B Mahmood, R Menezes
SENSORNETS, 25-34, 2016
Projecting Social Networks in Dynamic Environments for Tracking Purposes
M Alanezi, B Mahmood
2021 2nd International Conference on ICT for Rural Development (IC-ICTRuDev …, 2021
On the Relations among Object-Oriented Software Metrics: A Network-Based Approach
M Dabdawb, B Mahmood
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Towards the Impact of Security Vunnerabilities in Software Design: A Complex Network-Based Approach
ZK Younis, B Mahmood
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Approaches on Modelling Genes Interactions: A Review
DS Hammadi, B Mahmood, MMA Dabdawb
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Structural-Spectral-Based Approach for Anomaly Detection in Social Networks
B Mahmood, M Alanezi
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Network Centralities-Based Approach for Evaluating Interdisciplinary Collaboration
NA Sultan, B Mahmood, KH Thanoon, DS Khadhim
2020 6th International Engineering Conference “Sustainable Technology and …, 2020
Effect of pregnancy stage and post partum stage on some Haematological and Biochemical Characteristics in mountain Bleak Goat
FT Juma, BM Mahmood, AN Yoseif
Al-Anbar Journal of Veterinary Sciences 3 (1), 2010
Privacy Issue: From Static to Dynamic Online Social Networks
M Alanezi, B Mahmood
Prioritizing CWE/SANS and OWASP Vulnerabilities: A Network-Based Model
B Mahmood
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems 10 (1), 361-372, 2021
Network-Based Model for Dissemination of Advertising
T Alramli, B Mahmood, D Kadhim
2020 International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering …, 2020
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