Ioannis Karatzanis
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Review of eye tracking metrics involved in emotional and cognitive processes
V Skaramagkas, G Giannakakis, E Ktistakis, D Manousos, I Karatzanis, ...
IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering 16, 260-277, 2021
High-grade glioma diffusive modeling using statistical tissue information and diffusion tensors extracted from atlases
A Roniotis, GC Manikis, V Sakkalis, ME Zervakis, I Karatzanis, K Marias
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 16 (2), 255-263, 2011
Measurement of heart rate and respiratory rate using a textile-based wearable device in heart failure patients
F Chiarugi, I Karatzanis, G Zacharioudakis, P Meriggi, F Rizzo, M Stratakis, ...
2008 Computers in Cardiology, 901-904, 2008
PET/CT and PET/MRI in ophthalmic oncology
MS Kalemaki, AH Karantanas, D Exarchos, ET Detorakis, O Zoras, ...
International journal of oncology 56 (2), 417-429, 2020
Predicting the occurrence of acute hypotensive episodes: The PhysioNet Challenge
F Chiarugi, I Karatzanis, V Sakkalis, I Tsamardinos, T Dermitzaki, ...
2009 36th Annual Computers in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 621-624, 2009
In-depth analysis and evaluation of diffusive glioma models
A Roniotis, V Sakkalis, I Karatzanis, ME Zervakis, K Marias
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 16 (3), 299-307, 2012
Validation of a flexible and innovative platform for the home monitoring of heart failure patients: preliminary results
A Sciacqua, M Valentini, A Gualtieri, F Perticone, A Faini, ...
2009 36th Annual Computers in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 97-100, 2009
Evaluation framework for the multilevel macroscopic models of solid tumor growth in the glioma case
V Sakkalis, A Roniotis, C Farmaki, I Karatzanis, K Marias
2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2010
Personal Health ICT Systems to Support Integrated Care Solutions
DG Katehakis, A Kouroubali, I Karatzanis, D Manousos, H Kondylakis, ...
Technical Report, FORTH-ICS/TR-472, 2018
Empowering patients through a patient portal for an improved diabetes management
I Karatzanis, V Kontogiannis, EG Spanakis, F Chiarugi, J Fursse, ...
Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare: Third International Conference …, 2013
Clinical evaluation of DoctorEye platform in nephroblastoma
R David, N Graf, I Karatzanis, H Stenzhorn, GC Manikis, V Sakkalis, ...
Proceedings of the 2012 5th International Advanced Research Workshop on In …, 2012
A new simple multimodal platform for home monitoring of cardiac patients through textile technology
P Meriggi, F Rizzo, A Faini, F Chiarugi, I Karatzanis, G Zacharioudakis, ...
2009 36th Annual Computers in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 93-96, 2009
A DCE-MRI analysis workflow.
E Kontopodis, I Karatzanis, V Sakkalis, F Buffa, K Marias
CGI (Short Papers), 101-104, 2016
A collaborative central reviewing platform for cancer detection in digital microscopy images
I Karatzanis, A Iliopoulos, M Tsiknakis, V Sakkalis, K Marias
Proceedings of the 2014 6th International Advanced Research Workshop on In …, 2014
First results about the use of a patient portal by people with diabetes in a rural area
D Manousos, F Chiarugi, V Kontogiannis, I Karatzanis, A Kouroubali, ...
2013 E-Health and Bioengineering Conference (EHB), 1-5, 2013
A software prototype for the assessment of tumor treatment response using diffusion and perfusion MR imaging
V Sakkalis, GC Manikis, N Papanikolaou, I Karatzanis, K Marias
2012 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2012
Clinically Oriented Translational Cancer Multilevel Modeling
K Marias, V Sakkalis, A Roniotis, I Karatzanis, G Stamatakos, TB Liu, ...
This volume is dedicated to cancer patients, 65, 2010
The mathematical path to develop a heterogeneous, anisotropic and 3-dimensional glioma model using finite differences
A Roniotis, K Marias, V Sakkalis, I Karatzanis, M Zervakis
2009 9th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications …, 2009
MI-common data model: extending observational medical outcomes partnership-common data model (OMOP-CDM) for registering medical imaging metadata and subsequent curation processes
V Kalokyri, H Kondylakis, S Sfakianakis, K Nikiforaki, I Karatzanis, ...
JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics 7, e2300101, 2023
Innovative technologies to support appropriate accommodation in emergency shelters
V Kontogiannis, D Manousos, I Karatzanis, P Argyropaidas, A Kouroubali
2017 4th International Conference on Information and Communication …, 2017
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