Ilya Kupenko
Ilya Kupenko
Münster University
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Hivatkozott rá
Structural complexity of simple Fe 2 O 3 at high pressures and temperatures
E Bykova, L Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, M Bykov, C McCammon, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-6, 2016
Fe-N system at high pressure reveals a compound featuring polymeric nitrogen chains
M Bykov, E Bykova, G Aprilis, K Glazyrin, E Koemets, I Chuvashova, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-8, 2018
High Poisson's ratio of Earth's inner core explained by carbon alloying
C Prescher, L Dubrovinsky, E Bykova, I Kupenko, K Glazyrin, A Kantor, ...
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Structures of dolomite at ultrahigh pressure and their influence on the deep carbon cycle
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Effect of iron oxidation state on the electrical conductivity of the Earth’s lower mantle
V Potapkin, C McCammon, K Glazyrin, A Kantor, I Kupenko, C Prescher, ...
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Stability of iron-bearing carbonates in the deep Earth’s interior
V Cerantola, E Bykova, I Kupenko, M Merlini, L Ismailova, C McCammon, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 1-9, 2017
Fate of MgSiO3 melts at core–mantle boundary conditions
S Petitgirard, WJ Malfait, R Sinmyo, I Kupenko, L Hennet, D Harries, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (46), 14186-14190, 2015
Portable double-sided laser-heating system for Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction experiments at synchrotron facilities with diamond anvil cells
I Kupenko, L Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, C McCammon, K Glazyrin, ...
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High-pressure spectroscopic study of siderite (FeCO3) with a focus on spin crossover
V Cerantola, C McCammon, I Kupenko, I Kantor, C Marini, M Wilke, ...
American Mineralogist 100 (11-12), 2670-2681, 2015
High‐Pressure NiAs‐Type Modification of FeN
WP Clark, S Steinberg, R Dronskowski, C McCammon, I Kupenko, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (25), 7302-7306, 2017
Discovery of Fe 7 O 9: a new iron oxide with a complex monoclinic structure
R Sinmyo, E Bykova, SV Ovsyannikov, C McCammon, I Kupenko, ...
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Oxidation state of the lower mantle: In situ observations of the iron electronic configuration in bridgmanite at extreme conditions
I Kupenko, C McCammon, R Sinmyo, V Cerantola, V Potapkin, ...
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Dolomite-IV: Candidate structure for a carbonate in the Earth's lower mantle
M Merlini, V Cerantola, GD Gatta, M Gemmi, M Hanfland, I Kupenko, ...
American Mineralogist: Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials 102 (8 …, 2017
Stability of Fe, Al-bearing bridgmanite in the lower mantle and synthesis of pure Fe-bridgmanite
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Iron spin state in silicate perovskite at conditions of the Earth's deep interior
C McCammon, K Glazyrin, A Kantor, I Kantor, I Kupenko, O Narygina, ...
High Pressure Research 33 (3), 663-672, 2013
Electronic spin state of Fe, Al-containing MgSiO3 perovskite at lower mantle conditions
I Kupenko, C McCammon, R Sinmyo, C Prescher, AI Chumakov, A Kantor, ...
Lithos 189, 167-172, 2014
High-pressure high-temperature tailoring of High Entropy Alloys for extreme environments
KV Yusenko, S Riva, WA Crichton, K Spektor, E Bykova, A Pakhomova, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 738, 491-500, 2018
In situ Raman spectroscopic study of the pressure induced structural changes in ammonia borane
I Kupenko, L Dubrovinsky, V Dmitriev, N Dubrovinskaia
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Portable double-sided pulsed laser heating system for time-resolved geoscience and materials science applications
G Aprilis, C Strohm, I Kupenko, S Linhardt, A Laskin, DM Vasiukov, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 88 (8), 084501, 2017
Magnetism in cold subducting slabs at mantle transition zone depths
I Kupenko, G Aprilis, DM Vasiukov, C McCammon, S Chariton, ...
Nature 570 (7759), 102-106, 2019
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