Kelsey J.R.P. Byers
Kelsey J.R.P. Byers
Group Leader, John Innes Centre
E-mail megerősítve itt: jic.ac.uk - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
High-resolution DNA-binding specificity analysis of yeast transcription factors
C Zhu, KJRP Byers, RP McCord, Z Shi, MF Berger, DE Newburger, ...
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Three floral volatiles contribute to differential pollinator attraction in monkeyflowers (Mimulus)
KJRP Byers, HD Bradshaw, JA Riffell
The Journal of experimental biology 217 (4), 614-623, 2014
Floral volatile alleles can contribute to pollinator‐mediated reproductive isolation in monkeyflowers (Mimulus)
KJRP Byers, JP Vela, F Peng, JA Riffell, HD Bradshaw
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The genetic control of flower–pollinator specificity
YW Yuan, KJRP Byers, HD Bradshaw Jr
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The case for the continued use of the genus name Mimulus for all monkeyflowers
DB Lowry, JM Sobel, AL Angert, TL Ashman, RL Baker, BK Blackman, ...
Taxon 68 (4), 617-623, 2019
Emergence of a floral colour polymorphism by pollinator-mediated overdominance
RT Kellenberger, KJRP Byers, RM De Brito Francisco, YM Staedler, ...
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Molecular mechanisms of adaptation and speciation: why do we need an integrative approach?
KJRP Byers, S Xu, PM Schlüter
Molecular ecology 26 (1), 277-290, 2017
A novel terpene synthase controls differences in anti-aphrodisiac pheromone production between closely related Heliconius butterflies
K Darragh, A Orteu, D Black, KJRP Byers, D Szczerbowski, IA Warren, ...
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Species specificity and intraspecific variation in the chemical profiles of Heliconius butterflies across a large geographic range
K Darragh, G Montejo‐Kovacevich, KM Kozak, CR Morrison, ...
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A phylogenomic analysis of the floral transcriptomes of sexually deceptive and rewarding European orchids, Ophrys and Gymnadenia
L Piñeiro Fernández, KJRP Byers, J Cai, KEM Sedeek, RT Kellenberger, ...
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KJRP Byers, K Darragh, J Musgrove, DA Almeida, SF Garza, IA Warren, ...
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Clustering of loci controlling species differences in male chemical bouquets of sympatric Heliconius butterflies
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Ecology and evolution 11 (1), 89-107, 2021
Discussions of the “not so fit”: how ableism limits diverse thought and investigative potential in evolutionary biology
HA Branch, AN Klingler, KJRP Byers, A Panofsky, D Peers
The American Naturalist 200 (1), 101-113, 2022
A novel terpene synthase produces an anti-aphrodisiac pheromone in the butterfly Heliconius melpomene
K Darragh, A Orteu, KJRP Byers, D Szczerbowski, IA Warren, P Rastas, ...
bioRxiv, 779678, 2019
Identification of Olfactory Volatiles using Gas Chromatography-Multi-unit Recordings (GCMR) in the Insect Antennal Lobe
KJRP Byers, E Sanders, JA Riffell
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e4381-e4381, 2013
Rational design of a novel hawkmoth pollinator interaction in Mimulus section Erythranthe
KJRP Byers, HD Bradshaw Jr
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 658710, 2021
Pollination: Orchids attract unusual pollinators by means of novel chemical compounds
KJRP Byers
Current Biology 31 (9), R433-R435, 2021
“As if they discovered it by the scent”: improving our understanding of the chemical ecology, evolution, and genetics of floral scent and its role in pollination
KJRP Byers
American Journal of Botany 108 (5), 729-731, 2021
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