Teodóra Vékony
Teodóra Vékony
INSERM, Lyon Neuroscience Research Center
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
When less is more: enhanced statistical learning of non-adjacent dependencies after disruption of bilateral DLPFC
GG Ambrus*, T Vékony*, K Janacsek, ABC Trimborn, G Kovacs, ...
Journal of Memory and Language, 104144, 2019
Non-invasive brain stimulation in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment—a state-of-the-art review on methodological characteristics and stimulation parameters
A Holczer, VL Németh, T Vékony, L Vécsei, P Klivényi, A Must
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14, 179, 2020
Continuous theta-burst stimulation over the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex inhibits improvement on a working memory task
T Vékony, VL Németh, A Holczer, K Kocsis, ZT Kincses, L Vécsei, A Must
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 1-9, 2018
Explicit instructions and consolidation promote rewiring of automatic behaviors in the human mind
E Szegedi-Hallgató, K Janacsek, T Vékony, LA Tasi, L Kerepes, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 4365, 2017
Speed or accuracy instructions during skill learning do not affect the acquired knowledge
T Vékony, H Marossy, A Must, L Vécsei, K Janacsek, D Nemeth
Cerebral Cortex Communications 1 (1), tgaa041, 2020
Cautious or causal? Key implicit sequence learning paradigms should not be overlooked when assessing the role of DLPFC (Commentary on Prutean et al.)
T Vékony, GG Ambrus, K Janacsek, D Nemeth
Cortex 148, 222-226, 2022
Statistical learning occurs during practice while high-order rule learning during rest period
R Quentin, L Fanuel, M Kiss, M Vernet, T Vékony, K Janacsek, LG Cohen, ...
NPJ Science of learning 6 (1), 14, 2021
Retrieval of a well-established skill is resistant to distraction: Evidence from an implicit probabilistic sequence learning task
T Vékony, L Török, F Pedraza, K Schipper, C Pleche, L Tóth, K Janacsek, ...
PloS one 15 (12), e0243541, 2020
How does the length of short rest periods affect implicit probabilistic learning?
L Fanuel, C Pleche, T Vékony, K Janacsek, D Nemeth, R Quentin
Neuroimage: Reports 2 (1), 100078, 2022
The Effects of Bilateral Theta-burst Stimulation on Executive Functions and Affective Symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder
A Holczer, LV Németh, T Vékony, K Kocsis, A Király, ZT Kincses, L Vécsei, ...
Neuroscience 461, 130-139., 2021
Manipulating the rapid consolidation periods in a learning task affects general skills more than statistical learning and changes the dynamics of learning
L Szücs-Bencze, L Fanuel, N Szabó, R Quentin, D Nemeth, T Vékony
Eneuro 10 (2), 2023
Evidence for a competitive relationship between executive functions and statistical learning
F Pedraza, BC Farkas, T Vékony, F Haesebaert, R Phelipon, I Mihalecz, ...
npj Science of Learning 9 (1), 30, 2024
Modality-specific and modality-independent neural representations work in concert in predictive processes during sequence learning
T Vékony, Á Takács, F Pedraza, F Haesebaert, B Tillmann, I Mihalecz, ...
Cerebral Cortex 33 (12), 7783-7796, 2023
Prompting teaching modulates children's encoding of novel information by facilitating higher-level structure learning and hindering lower-level statistical learning
H Marno, R Danyi, T Vékony, K Janacsek, D Németh
Cognition 213, 104784, 2021
Nomen est omen: Serial reaction time task is not a motor but a visuomotor learning task
F Pedraza, T Vékony, D Nemeth
European Journal of Neuroscience 58 (4), 3111-3115, 2023
Speed and accuracy instructions affect two aspects of skill learning differently
T Vékony, C Pleche, O Pesthy, K Janacsek, D Nemeth
npj Science of Learning 7 (1), 27, 2022
Split-half reliability estimates of an online card sorting task in a community sample of young and elderly adults
Z Zhang, LZ Yang, T Vékony, C Wang, H Li
Behavior Research Methods 56 (2), 1039-1051, 2024
Modulating visuomotor sequence learning by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: what do we know so far?
L Szücs-Bencze, T Vékony, O Pesthy, N Szabó, TZ Kincses, Z Turi, ...
Journal of Intelligence 11 (10), 201, 2023
Working memory performance in disordered gambling and gaming: A systematic review
R Ngetich, TL Burleigh, A Czakó, T Vékony, D Németh, Z Demetrovics
Comprehensive Psychiatry, 152408, 2023
Mind wandering enhances predictive processing
T Vékony, B Farkas, B Brezóczki, M Mittner, G Csifcsák, P Simor, ...
Research Square, 2023
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