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Low coseismic friction on the Tohoku-Oki fault determined from temperature measurements
PM Fulton, EE Brodsky, Y Kano, J Mori, F Chester, T Ishikawa, RN Harris, ...
Science 342 (6163), 1214-1217, 2013
Structure and composition of the plate-boundary slip zone for the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
FM Chester, C Rowe, K Ujiie, J Kirkpatrick, C Regalla, F Remitti, ...
Science 342 (6163), 1208-1211, 2013
Low coseismic shear stress on the Tohoku-Oki megathrust determined from laboratory experiments
K Ujiie, H Tanaka, T Saito, A Tsutsumi, JJ Mori, J Kameda, EE Brodsky, ...
Science 342 (6163), 1211-1214, 2013
How thick is a fault? Fault displacement-thickness scaling revisited
ZK Shipton, AM Soden, JD Kirkpatrick, AM Bright, RJ Lunn
AGU 170, 193-198, 2006
Disappearing ink: How pseudotachylytes are lost from the rock record
JD Kirkpatrick, CD Rowe
Journal of Structural Geology 52, 183-198, 2013
Stress state in the largest displacement area of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
W Lin, M Conin, JC Moore, FM Chester, Y Nakamura, JJ Mori, L Anderson, ...
Science 339 (6120), 687-690, 2013
Silica gel formation during fault slip: Evidence from the rock record
JD Kirkpatrick, CD Rowe, JC White, EE Brodsky
Geology 41 (9), 1015-1018, 2013
Constraints from fault roughness on the scale-dependent strength of rocks
EE Brodsky, JD Kirkpatrick, T Candela
Geology 44 (1), 19-22, 2016
Fault rock injections record paleo-earthquakes
CD Rowe, JD Kirkpatrick, EE Brodsky
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 335, 154-166, 2012
Pseudotachylytes: Rarely generated, rarely preserved, or rarely reported?
JD Kirkpatrick, ZK Shipton, C Persano
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 99 (1), 382-388, 2009
the Expedition 343/343T Scientists (2012) Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project (JFAST)
FM Chester, JJ Mori, S Toczko, N Eguchi
IODP Prel Rept 343, 0
Structure and lithology of the Japan Trench subduction plate boundary fault
JD Kirkpatrick, CD Rowe, K Ujiie, JC Moore, C Regalla, F Remitti, V Toy, ...
Tectonics 34 (1), 53-69, 2015
Scale-dependent influence of pre-existing basement shear zones on rift faulting: a case study from NE Brazil
JD Kirkpatrick, FHR Bezerra, ZK Shipton, AF Do Nascimento, ...
Journal of the Geological Society 170 (2), 237-247, 2013
Geologic evidence for multiple slip weakening mechanisms during seismic slip in crystalline rock
JD Kirkpatrick, ZK Shipton
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Strike‐slip fault terminations at seismogenic depths: The structure and kinematics of the Glacier Lakes fault, Sierra Nevada United States
JD Kirkpatrick, ZK Shipton, JP Evans, S Micklethwaite, SJ Lim, P McKillop
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 113 (B4), 2008
The depth of pseudotachylyte formation from detailed thermochronology and constraints on coseismic stress drop variability
JD Kirkpatrick, KJ Dobson, DF Mark, ZK Shipton, EE Brodsky, FM Stuart
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 117 (B6), 2012
Microseismicity illuminates open fractures in the shallow crust
SI Pytharouli, RJ Lunn, ZK Shipton, JD Kirkpatrick, AF do Nascimento
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (2), 2011
Emplacement and dewatering of the world's largest exposed sand injectite complex
TJ Sherry, CD Rowe, JD Kirkpatrick, EE Brodsky
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 13 (8), 2012
Slickenline orientations as a record of fault rock rheology
JD Kirkpatrick, EE Brodsky
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 408, 24-34, 2014
Scientific exploration of induced seismicity and stress (SEISMS)
HM Savage, JD Kirkpatrick, JJ Mori, EE Brodsky, WL Ellsworth, ...
Scientific Drilling 23, 57-63, 2017
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