Lionel Esteban
Lionel Esteban
Senior Petrophysicist at CSIRO
E-mail megerősítve itt: csiro.au
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Laboratory characterisation of shale properties
M Josh, L Esteban, C Delle Piane, J Sarout, DN Dewhurst, MB Clennell
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 88, 107-124, 2012
Comparisons of pore size distribution: a case from the Western Australian gas shale formations
A Al Hinai, R Rezaee, L Esteban, M Labani
Journal of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources 8, 1-13, 2014
Infrared attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy: an innovative strategy for analyzing mineral components in energy relevant systems
CM Müller, B Pejcic, L Esteban, CD Piane, M Raven, B Mizaikoff
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Experimental evaluation of reservoir quality in Mesozoic formations of the Perth Basin (Western Australia) by using a laboratory low field nuclear magnetic resonance
A Dillinger, L Esteban
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Quantitative micro-porosity characterization using synchrotron micro-CT and xenon K-edge subtraction in sandstones, carbonates, shales and coal
S Mayo, M Josh, Y Nesterets, L Esteban, M Pervukhina, MB Clennell, ...
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Non‐saturation of the defect moment of goethite and fine‐grained hematite up to 57 Teslas
P Rochette, PE Mathé, L Esteban, H Rakoto, JL Bouchez, Q Liu, J Torrent
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Emplacement and deformation of the Fomopéa pluton: implication for the Pan-African history of Western Cameroon
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The influence of pyrite on rock electrical properties: A case study from NW Australian gas reservoirs
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SPWLA 51st annual logging symposium, 2010
Fines migration during CO2 injection: Experimental results interpreted using surface forces
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Site C0012
M Strasser, B Dugan, K Kanagawa, GF Moore, S Toczko, L Maeda, Y Kido, ...
Proc. IODP| Volume 338, 2, 2014
Dissolution and secondary mineral precipitation in basalts due to reactions with carbonic acid
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A Saeedi, C Delle Piane, L Esteban, Q Xie
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Study cases of thermal conductivity prediction from P-wave velocity and porosity
L Esteban, L Pimienta, J Sarout, C Delle Piane, S Haffen, Y Geraud, ...
Geothermics 53, 255-269, 2015
Prediction of rocks thermal conductivity from elastic wave velocities, mineralogy and microstructure
L Pimienta, J Sarout, L Esteban, CD Piane
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Facies-based rock properties characterization for CO2 sequestration: GSWA Harvey 1 well, Western Australia
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A robust experimental determination of Thomsen’s δ parameterRobust experimental determination of δ
J Sarout, C Delle Piane, D Nadri, L Esteban, DN Dewhurst
Geophysics 80 (1), A19-A24, 2015
Frictional and hydraulic behaviour of carbonate fault gouge during fault reactivation—An experimental study
C Delle Piane, A Giwelli, MB Clennell, L Esteban, MCDN Kiewiet, ...
Tectonophysics 690, 21-34, 2016
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