Sean Cutler
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Abscisic acid: emergence of a core signaling network
SR Cutler, PL Rodriguez, RR Finkelstein, SR Abrams
Annual review of plant biology 61 (1), 651-679, 2010
Abscisic acid inhibits type 2C protein phosphatases via the PYR/PYL family of START proteins
SY Park, P Fung, N Nishimura, DR Jensen, H Fujii, Y Zhao, S Lumba, ...
science 324 (5930), 1068-1071, 2009
In vitro reconstitution of an abscisic acid signalling pathway
H Fujii, V Chinnusamy, A Rodrigues, S Rubio, R Antoni, SY Park, ...
Nature 462 (7273), 660-664, 2009
Random GFP∷cDNA fusions enable visualization of subcellular structures in cells of Arabidopsis at a high frequency
SR Cutler, DW Ehrhardt, JS Griffitts, CR Somerville
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (7), 3718-3723, 2000
A gate–latch–lock mechanism for hormone signalling by abscisic acid receptors
K Melcher, LM Ng, XE Zhou, FF Soon, Y Xu, KM Suino-Powell, SY Park, ...
Nature 462 (7273), 602-608, 2009
Regulation of abscisic acid signaling by the ethylene response pathway in Arabidopsis
M Ghassemian, E Nambara, S Cutler, H Kawaide, Y Kamiya, P McCourt
The Plant Cell 12 (7), 1117-1126, 2000
Modulation of drought resistance by the abscisic acid receptor PYL5 through inhibition of clade A PP2Cs
J Santiago, A Rodrigues, A Saez, S Rubio, R Antoni, F Dupeux, SY Park, ...
The Plant Journal 60 (4), 575-588, 2009
The irregular xylem3 Locus of Arabidopsis Encodes a Cellulose Synthase Required for Secondary Cell Wall Synthesis
NG Taylor, WR Scheible, S Cutler, CR Somerville, SR Turner
The plant cell 11 (5), 769-779, 1999
The abscisic acid receptor PYR1 in complex with abscisic acid
J Santiago, F Dupeux, A Round, R Antoni, SY Park, M Jamin, SR Cutler, ...
Nature 462 (7273), 665-668, 2009
Structural mechanism of abscisic acid binding and signaling by dimeric PYR1
N Nishimura, K Hitomi, AS Arvai, RP Rambo, C Hitomi, SR Cutler, ...
Science 326 (5958), 1373-1379, 2009
Molecular mimicry regulates ABA signaling by SnRK2 kinases and PP2C phosphatases
FF Soon, LM Ng, XE Zhou, GM West, A Kovach, MHE Tan, ...
Science 335 (6064), 85-88, 2012
PYR/PYL/RCAR family members are major in‐vivo ABI1 protein phosphatase 2C‐interacting proteins in Arabidopsis
N Nishimura, A Sarkeshik, K Nito, SY Park, A Wang, PC Carvalho, S Lee, ...
The Plant Journal 61 (2), 290-299, 2010
A protein farnesyl transferase involved in abscisic acid signal transduction in Arabidopsis
S Cutler, M Ghassemian, D Bonetta, S Cooney, P McCourt
Science 273 (5279), 1239-1241, 1996
A small-molecule screen in C. elegans yields a new calcium channel antagonist
TCY Kwok, N Ricker, R Fraser, AW Chan, A Burns, EF Stanley, P McCourt, ...
Nature 441 (7089), 91-95, 2006
Activation of dimeric ABA receptors elicits guard cell closure, ABA-regulated gene expression, and drought tolerance
M Okamoto, FC Peterson, A Defries, SY Park, A Endo, E Nambara, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (29), 12132-12137, 2013
Structural and functional insights into core ABA signaling
JJ Weiner, FC Peterson, BF Volkman, SR Cutler
Current opinion in plant biology 13 (5), 495-502, 2010
Agrochemical control of plant water use using engineered abscisic acid receptors
SY Park, FC Peterson, A Mosquna, J Yao, BF Volkman, SR Cutler
Nature 520 (7548), 545-548, 2015
50 years of Arabidopsis research: highlights and future directions
NJ Provart, J Alonso, SM Assmann, D Bergmann, SM Brady, J Brkljacic, ...
New Phytologist 209 (3), 921-944, 2016
Tuning water-use efficiency and drought tolerance in wheat using abscisic acid receptors
R Mega, F Abe, JS Kim, Y Tsuboi, K Tanaka, H Kobayashi, Y Sakata, ...
Nature plants 5 (2), 153-159, 2019
Caenorhabditis elegans is a useful model for anthelmintic discovery
AR Burns, GM Luciani, G Musso, R Bagg, M Yeo, Y Zhang, L Rajendran, ...
Nature Communications 6 (1), 7485, 2015
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