Aurora Gaxiola
Aurora Gaxiola
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Hivatkozott rá
The hare, the tortoise and the crocodile: the ecology of angiosperm dominance, conifer persistence and fern filtering
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Spatial distribution of chlorophyll α and primary productivity in relation to winter physical structure in the Gulf of California
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Historical and phylogenetic constraints on the incidence of entire leaf margins: insights from a new South American model
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Estación Biológica Senda Darwin: Investigación ecológica de largo plazo en la interfase ciencia-sociedad
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Century‐scale effects of invasive deer and rodents on the dynamics of forests growing on soils of contrasting fertility
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Non‐congruent fossil and phylogenetic evidence on the evolution of climatic niche in the Gondwana genus Nothofagus
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Senda Darwin Biological Station: Long-term ecological research at the interface between science and society.
MR Carmona, JC Aravena, MA Bustamante-Sanchez, JL Celis-Diez, ...
Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 83 (1), 113-142, 2010
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MA Jiménez, A Gaxiola, JJ Armesto, C González-Browne, PL Meserve, ...
Journal of Arid Environments 126, 62-67, 2016
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