Javier Puy
Javier Puy
Postdoctoral fellowship, Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC
E-mail megerősítve itt: ebd.csic.es - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Colonization resistance and establishment success along gradients of functional and phylogenetic diversity in experimental plant communities
T Galland, G Adeux, H Dvořáková, A E‐Vojtkó, I Orbán, M Lussu, J Puy, ...
Journal of Ecology 107 (5), 2090–2104, 2019
Competition‐induced transgenerational plasticity influences competitive interactions and leaf decomposition of offspring
J Puy, F de Bello, H Dvořáková, N G. Medina, V Latzel, C P. Carmona
New Phytologist 229 (6), 3497–3507, 2021
Improved demethylation in ecological epigenetic experiments: Testing a simple and harmless foliar demethylation application
J Puy, H Dvořáková, CP Carmona, F de Bello, I Hiiesalu, V Latzel
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9 (3), 744–753, 2018
Diversity of parental environments increases phenotypic variation in Arabidopsis populations more than genetic diversity but similarly affects productivity
J Puy, C P. Carmona, H Dvořáková, V Latzel, F de Bello
Annals of Botany 127 (4), 425–436, 2021
Response of clonal versus non-clonal herbs to disturbance: Different strategies revealed
J Martínková, A Klimeš, J Puy, J Klimešová
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 44, 125529, 2020
The macroecology of plant populations from local to global scales
YM Buckley, J Puy
New Phytologist 233 (3), 1038–1050, 2022
Mycorrhizal symbiosis alleviates plant water deficit within and across generations via phenotypic plasticity
J Puy, CP Carmona, I Hiiesalu, M Öpik, F de Bello, M Moora
Journal of Ecology 110 (1), 262–276, 2022
Plant size, latitude, and phylogeny explain within-population variability in herbivory
Herbivory Variability Network*†, ML Robinson, PG Hahn, BD Inouye, ...
Science 382 (6671), 679-683, 2023
Ecological differentiation of Carex species coexisting in a wet meadow: Comparison of pot and field experiments
K Tammaru, J Košnar, AF Abbas, BK Anna, F de Bello, S Harrison, ...
Acta Oecologica 110, 103692, 2021
Phenotypic diversity influenced by a transposable element increases productivity and resistance to competitors in plant populations
V Latzel, J Puy, M Thieme, E Bucher, L Götzenberger, F de Bello
Journal of Ecology 111 (11), 2376–2387, 2023
Root Variation in Common Gardens: Divergent Responses in Native and Nonnative Field Sites of an Annual Ruderal Mediterranean Plant
CJ Murren, J Puy, C Kohler, JE Malo, G Sancho
International Journal of Plant Sciences 183 (1), 18–29, 2022
Data for Latzel et al. Journal of Ecology [Dataset]
V Latzel, J Puy, M Thieme, E Bucher, F de Bello
Figshare, 2023
Data from: Different taxonomic and functional indices complement the understanding of herb-layer community assembly patterns in a southern-limit temperate forest
M Valerio, A Gazol Burgos, J Puy, R Ibáñez
Zenodo, 2022
Different Taxonomic and Functional Indices Complement the Understanding of Herb-Layer Community Assembly Patterns in a Southern-Limit Temperate Forest
M Valerio, A Gazol, J Puy, R Ibáñez
Forests 13 (9), 1434, 2022
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