Tobias Rötting
Tobias Rötting
Senior Researcher at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC BarcelonaTech)
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Hivatkozott rá
Field multi-step limestone and MgO passive system to treat acid mine drainage with high metal concentrations
MA Caraballo, TS Rötting, F Macías, JM Nieto, C Ayora
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Stakeholder participation within the public environmental system in Chile: Major gaps between theory and practice
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Geochemical processes controlling mobilization of arsenic and trace elements in shallow aquifers and surface waters in the Antequera and Poopó mining regions, Bolivian Altiplano
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Changes in porosity, permeability, water retention curve and reactive surface area during carbonate rock dissolution
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A method for incorporating equilibrium chemical reactions into multiphase flow models for CO2 storage
MW Saaltink, V Vilarrasa, F De Gaspari, O Silva, J Carrera, TS Rötting
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A fractal model to describe the evolution of multiphase flow properties during mineral dissolution
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Application of the watershed sustainability index to the Elqui river basin, North-Central Chile
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Stream‐stage response tests and their joint interpretation with pumping tests
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Groundwater 44 (3), 371-385, 2006
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