Mortaza Yari
Mortaza Yari
Prof. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tabriz
E-mail megerősítve itt: tabrizu.ac.ir
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Exergetic analysis of various types of geothermal power plants
M Yari
Renewable energy 35 (1), 112-121, 2010
Exergoeconomic comparison of TLC (trilateral Rankine cycle), ORC (organic Rankine cycle) and Kalina cycle using a low grade heat source
M Yari, AS Mehr, V Zare, SMS Mahmoudi, MA Rosen
Energy 83, 712-722, 2015
Exergoeconomic analysis and optimization of basic, dual-pressure and dual-fluid ORCs and Kalina geothermal power plants: A comparative study
N Shokati, F Ranjbar, M Yari
Renewable Energy 83, 527-542, 2015
Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of an ammonia–water power/cooling cogeneration cycle
V Zare, SMS Mahmoudi, M Yari, M Amidpour
Energy 47 (1), 271-283, 2012
Exergoeconomic assessment and parametric study of a Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor combined with two Organic Rankine Cycles
F Mohammadkhani, N Shokati, SMS Mahmoudi, M Yari, MA Rosen
Energy 65, 533-543, 2014
Advanced exergy analysis of the Kalina cycle applied for low temperature enhanced geothermal system
M Fallah, SMS Mahmoudi, M Yari, RA Ghiasi
Energy conversion and management 108, 190-201, 2016
Thermodynamic analysis and multi-objective optimization of various ORC (organic Rankine cycle) configurations using zeotropic mixtures
M Sadeghi, A Nemati, M Yari
Energy 109, 791-802, 2016
Thermodynamic analyses of an externally fired gas turbine combined cycle integrated with a biomass gasification plant
S Soltani, SMS Mahmoudi, M Yari, MA Rosen
Energy Conversion and Management 70, 107-115, 2013
A comparative thermodynamic analysis of ORC and Kalina cycles for waste heat recovery: A case study for CGAM cogeneration system
A Nemati, H Nami, F Ranjbar, M Yari
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Exergoeconomic analysis of double effect absorption refrigeration systems
LG Farshi, SMS Mahmoudi, MA Rosen, M Yari, M Amidpour
Energy Conversion and Management 65, 13-25, 2013
Performance analysis and optimization of a new two-stage ejector-expansion transcritical CO2 refrigeration cycle
M Yari
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 48 (10), 1997-2005, 2009
A comparative study of two SOFC based cogeneration systems fed by municipal solid waste by means of either the gasifier or digester
M Yari, AS Mehr, SMS Mahmoudi, M Santarelli
Energy 114, 586-602, 2016
A comparative exergoeconomic analysis of two biomass and co-firing combined power plants
S Soltani, SMS Mahmoudi, M Yari, T Morosuk, MA Rosen, V Zare
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Comparative and parametric study of double flash and single flash/ORC combined cycles based on exergoeconomic criteria
N Shokati, F Ranjbar, M Yari
Applied thermal engineering 91, 479-495, 2015
On the exergoeconomic assessment of employing Kalina cycle for GT-MHR waste heat utilization
V Zare, SMS Mahmoudi, M Yari
Energy Conversion and Management 90, 364-374, 2015
Utilization of waste heat from GT-MHR for power generation in organic Rankine cycles
M Yari, SMS Mahmoudi
Applied Thermal Engineering 30 (4), 366-375, 2010
Performance analysis of the different organic Rankine cycles (ORCs) using dry fluids
M Yari
International Journal of Exergy 6 (3), 323-342, 2009
Solar-assisted integrated biogas solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) installation in wastewater treatment plant: Energy and economic analysis
AS Mehr, M Gandiglio, M MosayebNezhad, A Lanzini, SMS Mahmoudi, ...
Applied energy 191, 620-638, 2017
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of novel ejector-expansion TRCC (transcritical CO2) cascade refrigeration cycles (Novel transcritical CO2 cycle)
M Yari, SMS Mahmoudi
Energy 36 (12), 6839-6850, 2011
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