Tim Johnson
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Some low-frequency electrical methods for subsurface characterization and monitoring in hydrogeology
A Revil, M Karaoulis, T Johnson, A Kemna
Hydrogeology Journal 20 (4), 617-658, 2012
Improved hydrogeophysical characterization and monitoring through parallel modeling and inversion of time-domain resistivity andinduced-polarization data
TC Johnson, RJ Versteeg, A Ward, FD Day-Lewis, A Revil
Geophysics 75 (4), WA27-WA41, 2010
Advances in interpretation of subsurface processes with time‐lapse electrical imaging
K Singha, FD Day‐Lewis, T Johnson, LD Slater
Hydrological Processes 29 (6), 1549-1576, 2015
Monitoring groundwater‐surface water interaction using time‐series and time‐frequency analysis of transient three‐dimensional electrical resistivity changes
TC Johnson, LD Slater, D Ntarlagiannis, FD Day‐Lewis, M Elwaseif
Water Resources Research 48 (7), 2012
Publisher Correction: Influences of organic carbon speciation on hyporheic corridor biogeochemistry and microbial ecology
JC Stegen, T Johnson, JK Fredrickson, MJ Wilkins, AE Konopka, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1034, 2018
Influences of organic carbon speciation on hyporheic corridor biogeochemistry and microbial ecology
JC Stegen, T Johnson, JK Fredrickson, MJ Wilkins, AE Konopka, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 585, 2018
Field, laboratory, and modeling investigation of the skin effect at wells with slotted casing, Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site
W Barrash, T Clemo, JJ Fox, TC Johnson
Journal of Hydrology 326 (1-4), 181-198, 2006
An overview of the EGS Collab project: field validation of coupled process modeling of fracturing and fluid flow at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, Lead, SD
TJ Kneafsey, P Dobson, D Blankenship, J Morris, H Knox, P Schwering, ...
43rd Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University …, 2018
A field comparison of Fresnel zone and ray-based GPR attenuation-difference tomography for time-lapse imaging of electrically anomalous tracer or contaminant plumes
TC Johnson, PS Routh, W Barrash, MD Knoll
Geophysics 72 (2), G21-G29, 2007
Three‐Dimensional Electrical Resistivity Tomography of the Solfatara Crater (Italy): Implication for the Multiphase Flow Structure of the Shallow Hydrothermal System
M Gresse, J Vandemeulebrouck, S Byrdina, G Chiodini, A Revil, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 122 (11), 8749-8768, 2017
Three‐dimensional resistivity tomography of Vulcan's forge, Vulcano Island, southern Italy
A Revil, TC Johnson, A Finizola
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (15), 2010
Characterization of a contaminated wellfield using 3D electrical resistivity tomography implemented with geostatistical, discontinuous boundary, and known conductivity constraints
TC Johnson, RJ Versteeg, M Rockhold, LD Slater, D Ntarlagiannis, ...
Geophysics 77 (6), EN85-EN96, 2012
Geochemical and geophysical changes during ammonia gas treatment of vadose zone sediments for uranium remediation
JE Szecsody, MJ Truex, L Zhong, TC Johnson, NP Qafoku, MD Williams, ...
Vadose Zone Journal 11 (4), 2012
Spectral induced polarization signatures of hydroxide adsorption and mineral precipitation in porous media
C Zhang, L Slater, G Redden, Y Fujita, T Johnson, D Fox
Environmental science & technology 46 (8), 4357-4364, 2012
EGS Collab project: Status and progress
TJ Kneafsey, D Blankenship, HA Knox, TC Johnson, JB Ajo-Franklin, ...
Proceedings 44th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford …, 2019
Four‐dimensional electrical conductivity monitoring of stage‐driven river water intrusion: Accounting for water table effects using a transient mesh boundary and conditional …
T Johnson, R Versteeg, J Thomle, G Hammond, X Chen, J Zachara
Water Resources Research 51 (8), 6177-6196, 2015
Imaging pathways in fractured rock using three‐dimensional electrical resistivity tomography
J Robinson, L Slater, T Johnson, A Shapiro, C Tiedeman, D Ntarlagiannis, ...
Groundwater 54 (2), 186-201, 2016
Imaging high stage river‐water intrusion into a contaminated aquifer along a major river corridor using 2‐D time‐lapse surface electrical resistivity tomography
EL Wallin, TC Johnson, WJ Greenwood, JM Zachara
Water Resources Research 49 (3), 1693-1708, 2013
Crosshole radar velocity tomography with finite-frequency Fresnel volume sensitivities
ML Buursink, TC Johnson, PS Routh, MD Knoll
Geophysical Journal International 172 (1), 1-17, 2008
Optimized survey design for electrical resistivity tomography: combined optimization of measurement configuration and electrode placement
S Uhlemann, PB Wilkinson, H Maurer, FM Wagner, TC Johnson, ...
Geophysical Journal International 214 (1), 108-121, 2018
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