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Alex Rosenthal
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Hivatkozott rá
Comammox Nitrospira are the dominant ammonia oxidizers in a mainstream low dissolved oxygen nitrification reactor
P Roots, Y Wang, AF Rosenthal, JS Griffin, F Sabba, M Petrovich, F Yang, ...
Water research 157, 396-405, 2019
Biomass segregation between biofilm and flocs improves the control of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in mainstream partial nitritation and anammox processes
M Laureni, DG Weissbrodt, K Villez, O Robin, N De Jonge, A Rosenthal, ...
Water Research 154, 104-116, 2019
Impact of inocula and growth mode on the molecular microbial ecology of anaerobic ammonia oxidation (anammox) bioreactor communities
H Park, A Rosenthal, R Jezek, K Ramalingam, J Fillos, K Chandran
Water Research 44 (17), 5005-5013, 2010
Linking community profiles, gene expression and N-removal in anammox bioreactors treating municipal anaerobic digestion reject water
H Park, A Rosenthal, K Ramalingam, J Fillos, K Chandran
Environmental science & technology 44 (16), 6110-6116, 2010
Comparing the resistance, resilience, and stability of replicate moving bed biofilm and suspended growth combined nitritation–anammox reactors
GF Wells, Y Shi, M Laureni, A Rosenthal, I Szivák, DG Weissbrodt, A Joss, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (9), 5108-5117, 2017
Integrated shortcut nitrogen and biological phosphorus removal from mainstream wastewater: process operation and modeling
P Roots, F Sabba, AF Rosenthal, Y Wang, Q Yuan, L Rieger, F Yang, ...
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 6 (3), 566-580, 2020
Nitrosomonas europaea biofilm formation is enhanced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
M Petrovich, CY Wu, A Rosenthal, KF Chen, AI Packman, GF Wells
FEMS microbiology ecology 93 (5), fix047, 2017
Morphological analysis of pore size and connectivity in a thick mixed‐culture biofilm
AF Rosenthal, JS Griffin, M Wagner, AI Packman, O Balogun, GF Wells
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 115 (9), 2268-2279, 2018
Quantitative analysis of methanol in wastewater by GC-MS with direct injection or headspace SPME sample introduction
X Xu, J Fillos, K Ramalingam, A Rosenthal
Analytical Methods 4 (11), 3688-3694, 2012
Anammox studies using New York city centrate to correlate performance, population dynamics and impact of toxins
A Rosenthal, K Ramalingam, H Park, A Deur, K Beckmann, K Chandran, ...
WEFTEC 2009, 120-128, 2009
Assessment of aeration control strategies for biofilm-based partial nitritation/anammox systems
O Schraa, A Rosenthal, MJ Wade, L Rieger, I Miletić, J Alex
Water Science and Technology 81 (8), 1757-1765, 2020
Optimization of the carbon to nitrogen ratio for mainstream deammonification and the resulting shift in nitrification from biofilm to suspension
P Roots, AF Rosenthal, Q Yuan, Y Wang, F Yang, JA Kozak, H Zhang, ...
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 6 (12), 3415-3427, 2020
Spatially resolved abundances of antibiotic resistance genes and intI1 in wastewater treatment biofilms
ML Petrovich, AF Rosenthal, JS Griffin, GF Wells
Biotechnology and bioengineering 116 (3), 543-554, 2019
Towards mechanical characterization of granular biofilms by optical coherence elastography measurements of circumferential elastic waves
HC Liou, F Sabba, AI Packman, A Rosenthal, G Wells, O Balogun
Soft Matter 15 (28), 5562-5573, 2019
Simulation of dissolved oxygen-and ammonia-based aeration control strategies in a mainstream deammonification biofilm process
A Rosenthal, O Schraa, L Rieger, H Zhang, J Kozak, F Yang, P Roots, ...
WEFTEC 2018, 5238-5247, 2018
Quantitative image analysis of mesoscale biofilm structure with optical coherence tomography
A Rosenthal, J Yi, HF Zhang, O Balogun, G Wells
WEFTEC 2015, 2015
Analyzing anammox
K Ramalingam, J Fillos, A Rosenthal, I Shapiro, M Mehrdad, A Deur, ...
Water Environment & Technology 24 (9), 56-59, 2012
Laboratory-Scale Investigation of Integrated Biological Phosphorus Removal and Mainstream Deammonification at the Terrence J. O’Brien Water Reclamation Plant
A Rosenthal, P Roots, F Yang, J Kozak, H Zhang, G Wells
WEFTEC 2017, 2017
Assessment of Parallel Biofilm and Suspended Growth Deammonification Reactors using Actual Mainstream Wastewater
P Roots, A Rosenthal, F Yang, J Kozak, H Zhang, G Wells
Nutrient Removal and Recovery Symposium 2017, 2017
Robust NOB control in hybrid biofilm systems operated for mainstream partial nitritation and anammox: an experimental and modelling study
M Laureni, DG Weissbrodt, K Villez, O Robin, N de Jonge, A Rosenthal, ...
Proceedings of Frontiers International Conference on Wastewater Treatment, 21-24, 2017
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