Philippe Nghe
Philippe Nghe
ESPCI - PSL - Paris, France
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Stochasticity of metabolism and growth at the single-cell level
DJ Kiviet, P Nghe, N Walker, S Boulineau, V Sunderlikova, SJ Tans
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Microfluidic stickers
D Bartolo, G Degré, P Nghe, V Studer
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Transient compartmentalization of RNA replicators prevents extinction due to parasites
S Matsumura, Á Kun, M Ryckelynck, F Coldren, A Szilágyi, F Jossinet, ...
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Prebiotic network evolution: six key parameters
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Single-cell dynamics reveals sustained growth during diauxic shifts
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Universal motifs and the diversity of autocatalytic systems
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H Kemble, P Nghe, O Tenaillon
Evolutionary Applications, 2019
Flow-induced polymer degradation probed by a high throughput microfluidic set-up
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High shear rheology of shear banding fluids in microchannels
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Microfabricated polyacrylamide devices for the controlled culture of growing cells and developing organisms
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Evolutionary constraints in variable environments, from proteins to networks
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Flux, toxicity, and expression costs generate complex genetic interactions in a metabolic pathway
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Mineral surfaces select for longer RNA molecules
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Sign epistasis caused by hierarchy within signalling cascades
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Darwinian properties and their trade-offs in autocatalytic RNA reaction networks
S Ameta, S Arsene, S Foulon, B Saudemont, BE Clifton, AD Griffiths, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1-11, 2021
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