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Konstantin Glazyrin
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Hivatkozott rá
The most incompressible metal osmium at static pressures above 750 gigapascals
L Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, E Bykova, M Bykov, V Prakapenka, ...
Nature 525 (7568), 226-229, 2015
Is a Griffiths phase a prerequisite for colossal magnetoresistance?
W Jiang, XZ Zhou, G Williams, Y Mukovskii, K Glazyrin
Physical review letters 99 (17), 177203, 2007
Griffiths phase and critical behavior in single-crystal : Phase diagram for
W Jiang, XZ Zhou, G Williams, Y Mukovskii, K Glazyrin
Physical Review B 77 (6), 064424, 2008
Fe-N system at high pressure reveals a compound featuring polymeric nitrogen chains
M Bykov, E Bykova, G Aprilis, K Glazyrin, E Koemets, I Chuvashova, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-8, 2018
High Poisson's ratio of Earth's inner core explained by carbon alloying
C Prescher, L Dubrovinsky, E Bykova, I Kupenko, K Glazyrin, A Kantor, ...
Nature Geoscience 8 (3), 220-223, 2015
The extreme conditions beamline P02. 2 and the extreme conditions science infrastructure at PETRA III
HP Liermann, Z Konôpková, W Morgenroth, K Glazyrin, J Bednarčik, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 22 (4), 908-924, 2015
Effect of chemistry on the compressibility of silicate perovskite in the lower mantle
TB Ballaran, A Kurnosov, K Glazyrin, DJ Frost, M Merlini, M Hanfland, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 333, 181-190, 2012
Perovskite‐like Mn2O3: A Path to New Manganites
SV Ovsyannikov, AM Abakumov, AA Tsirlin, W Schnelle, R Egoavil, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (5), 1494-1498, 2013
High‐pressure behavior of iron carbide (Fe7C3) at inner core conditions
M Mookherjee, Y Nakajima, G Steinle‐Neumann, K Glazyrin, X Wu, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 116 (B4), 2011
Portable laser-heating system for diamond anvil cells
L Dubrovinsky, K Glazyrin, C McCammon, O Narygina, E Greenberg, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 16 (6), 737-741, 2009
Single-crystal X-ray diffraction at megabar pressures and temperatures of thousands of degrees
L Dubrovinsky, T Boffa-Ballaran, K Glazyrin, A Kurnosov, D Frost, ...
High Pressure Research 30 (4), 620-633, 2010
Extreme sensitivity of the Griffiths phase to magnetic field in single crystal
W Jiang, XZ Zhou, G Williams, Y Mukovskii, K Glazyrin
Physical Review B 76 (9), 092404, 2007
Effect of iron oxidation state on the electrical conductivity of the Earth’s lower mantle
V Potapkin, C McCammon, K Glazyrin, A Kantor, I Kupenko, C Prescher, ...
Nature Communications 4 (1), 1-6, 2013
Importance of correlation effects in hcp iron revealed by a pressure-induced electronic topological transition
K Glazyrin, LV Pourovskii, L Dubrovinsky, O Narygina, C McCammon, ...
Physical review letters 110 (11), 117206, 2013
Portable double-sided laser-heating system for Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction experiments at synchrotron facilities with diamond anvil cells
I Kupenko, L Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, C McCammon, K Glazyrin, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (12), 124501, 2012
Pressure tuning of bond-directional exchange interactions and magnetic frustration in the hyperhoneycomb iridate
LSI Veiga, M Etter, K Glazyrin, F Sun, CA Escanhoela Jr, G Fabbris, ...
Physical Review B 96 (14), 140402, 2017
Low-spin Fe2+ in silicate perovskite and a possible layer at the base of the lower mantle
C McCammon, L Dubrovinsky, O Narygina, I Kantor, X Wu, K Glazyrin, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 180 (3-4), 215-221, 2010
High‐Pressure Synthesis of a Nitrogen‐Rich Inclusion Compound ReN8x N2 with Conjugated Polymeric Nitrogen Chains
M Bykov, E Bykova, E Koemets, T Fedotenko, G Aprilis, K Glazyrin, ...
Angewandte Chemie 130 (29), 9186-9191, 2018
Structurally hidden magnetic transitions in FeC at high pressures
C Prescher, L Dubrovinsky, C McCammon, K Glazyrin, Y Nakajima, ...
Physical Review B 85 (14), 140402, 2012
Magnesium silicate perovskite and effect of iron oxidation state on its bulk sound velocity at the conditions of the lower mantle
K Glazyrin, TB Ballaran, DJ Frost, C McCammon, A Kantor, M Merlini, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 393, 182-186, 2014
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