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Geologic history of the summit of Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge
DA Clague, BM Dreyer, JB Paduan, JF Martin, WW Chadwick, DW Caress, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 14 (10), 4403-4443, 2013
High-resolution AUV mapping and targeted ROV observations of three historical lava flows at Axial Seamount
DA Clague, JB Paduan, DW Caress, WW Chadwick Jr, M Le Saout, ...
Oceanography 30 (4), 82-99, 2017
Eruptive and tectonic history of the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge, based on AUV mapping data and lava flow ages
DA Clague, BM Dreyer, JB Paduan, JF Martin, DW Caress, JB Gill, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 15 (8), 3364-3391, 2014
Geology of the Alarcon Rise, Southern Gulf of California
DA Clague, DW Caress, BM Dreyer, L Lundsten, JB Paduan, RA Portner, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 19 (3), 807-837, 2018
Enriching mantle melts within a dying mid-ocean spreading ridge: Insights from Hf-isotope and trace element patterns in detrital oceanic zircon
RA Portner, NR Daczko, MJ Murphy, NJ Pearson
Lithos 126 (3-4), 355-368, 2011
Contrasting styles of deep-marine pyroclastic eruptions revealed from Axial Seamount push core records
RA Portner, DA Clague, C Helo, BM Dreyer, JB Paduan
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 423, 219-231, 2015
Vitriclastic lithofacies from Macquarie Island (Southern Ocean): compositional influence on abyssal eruption explosivity in a dying Miocene spreading ridge
RA Portner, NR Daczko, JA Dickinson
Bulletin of Volcanology 72, 165-183, 2010
Caldera formation and varied eruption styles on North Pacific seamounts: the clastic lithofacies record
RA Portner, DA Clague, JB Paduan
Bulletin of Volcanology 76, 1-28, 2014
Sedimentary response to orogenic exhumation in the northern Rocky Mountain Basin and Range province, Flint Creek basin, west-central Montana
RA Portner, MS Hendrix, JC Stalker, DP Miggins, SD Sheriff
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 48 (7), 1131-1154, 2011
Glassy fragmental rocks of Macquarie Island (Southern Ocean): Mechanism of formation and deposition
JA Dickinson, N Harb, RA Portner, NR Daczko
Sedimentary Geology 216 (3-4), 91-103, 2009
A detrital record of lower oceanic crust exhumation within a Miocene slow-spreading ridge: Macquarie Island, Southern Ocean
RA Portner, MJ Murphy, NR Daczko
Bulletin 123 (1-2), 255-273, 2011
Mid-ocean-ridge rhyolite (MORR) eruptions on the East Pacific Rise lack the fizz to pop
RA Portner, BM Dreyer, DA Clague
Geology 49 (4), 377-381, 2021
Interaction of gravity flows with a rugged mid-ocean-ridge seafloor: an outcrop example from Macquarie Island
RA Portner, JA Dickinson, NR Daczko
Journal of Sedimentary Research 81 (5), 355-375, 2011
Geochemical fingerprint of hyaloclasts in glassy fragmental rocks of Macquarie Island (Southern Ocean): implications for volcanogenic sedimentary processes at a waning mid …
NR Daczko, N Harb, RA Portner, JA Dickinson
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 56 (7), 951-963, 2009
Formation of the summit caldera at Axial Seamount
DA Clague, RA Portner, JB Paduan, M Le Saout, BM Dreyer
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, V43C-0217, 2019
Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphic interpretation of a fluvial complex in the upper Hinton Formation, southern West Virginia
RA Portner, JD Beuthin
Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 33 (2), 76, 2001
Deep-subaqueous implosive volcanism at West Mata seamount, Tonga
AP Murch, RA Portner, KH Rubin, DA Clague
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 578, 117328, 2022
Competing styles of deep-marine explosive eruptions revealed from Axial seamount and Juan De Fuca ridge push core records
RA Portner, DA Clague, JB Paduan, JF Martin
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2012, V21A-2751, 2012
Sedimentary and tectonic evolution of the Flint Creek basin, west-central Montana
RA Portner
Ph. D. Thesis, 2005
Preliminary geologic map of the eastern Flint Creek basin, west-central Montana
R Portner, M Hendrix
Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, 2005
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