Emmanuel Blazquez
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Rendezvous strategies in the vicinity of Earth-Moon Lagrangian points
S Lizy-Destrez, L Beauregard, E Blazquez, A Campolo, S Manglativi, ...
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences 5, 45, 2019
Rendezvous design in a cislunar near rectilinear Halo orbit
E Blazquez, L Beauregard, S Lizy-Destrez, F Ankersen, F Capolupo
The Aeronautical Journal 124 (1276), 821-837, 2020
A parallel-GPU code for asteroid aggregation problems with angular particles
F Ferrari, M Lavagna, E Blazquez
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 492 (1), 749-761, 2020
SEMpy: a python open-source toolbox for non-Keplerian astrodynamics
E Blazquez, T Gateau, S Lizy-Destrez
International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques (ICATT), 2021
Two and three impulses phasing strategy with a spacecraft orbiting on an Earth–Moon NRHO
A Fossà, G Bucchioni, E Blazquez, E Canalias, S Lizy-Destrez, R Bertrand, ...
Acta Astronautica 198, 669-679, 2022
Safe natural far rendezvous approaches for cislunar near rectilinear halo orbits in the ephemeris model
E Blazquez, L Beauregard, S Lizy-Destrez
Neuromorphic computing and sensing in space
D Izzo, A Hadjiivanov, D Dold, G Meoni, E Blazquez
Artificial Intelligence for Space: AI4SPACE, 107-159, 2022
Optimized transfers between Quart-monde invariant manifolds
L Beauregard, E Blazquez, S Lizy-Destrez
7th International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques (ICATT), 1-9, 2018
Optimality principles in spacecraft neural guidance and control
D Izzo, E Blazquez, R Ferede, S Origer, C De Wagter, GCHE de Croon
arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.13078, 2023
Towards the moon and beyond: preparing for the future of cislunar and solar system exploration
S Lizy-Destrez, P Guardabasso, L Beauregard, E Blazquez
Rendezvous optimization and GNC design for proximity operations on cis-lunar near rectilinear halo orbits
E Blazquez
Toulouse, ISAE, 2021
The fellowship of the Dyson ring: ACT&Friends’ results and methods for GTOC 11
M Märtens, D Izzo, E Blazquez, M von Looz, P Gómez, A Mergy, ...
Acta Astronautica 202, 807-818, 2023
Force and disturbance models affecting lunar missions to Near Rectilinear Halo Orbits
F Biscaro, E Carli, E Blazquez, S Lizy-Destrez
Numerical Simulation of N-Body Asteroid Aggregation with GPU-Parallel Hierarchical Treecode Algorithm
E Blazquez, F Ferrari, M Lavagna
Proceedings of the 27th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, 2017
Numerical simulation of N-body asteroid aggregation dynamics
Politecnico di Milano, 2016
Dario Izzo
A Hadjiivanov, D Dold, G Meoni, E Blazquez
Artificial Intelligence for Space: AI4SPACE: Trends, Applications, and …, 2023
Evolutionary Machine Learning for Space
M von Looz, A Hadjiivanov, E Blazquez
Handbook of Evolutionary Machine Learning, 611-628, 2023
Small Celestial Body Exploration with CubeSat Swarms
E Blazquez, D Izzo, F Biscani, R Walker, F Perez-Lissi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.13333, 2023
On the Generation of a Synthetic Event-Based Vision Dataset for Navigation and Landing
LJ Azzalini, E Blazquez, A Hadjiivanov, G Meoni, D Izzo
arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.00394, 2023
Deep Learning of Dynamical System Parameters from Return Maps as Images
CJ Stephens, E Blazquez
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.11258, 2023
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