Ajay Virkar
Ajay Virkar
Stanford University
E-mail megerősítve itt: c3nano.com
Crystalline ultrasmooth self-assembled monolayers of alkylsilanes for organic field-effect transistors
Y Ito, AA Virkar, S Mannsfeld, JH Oh, M Toney, J Locklin, Z Bao
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (26), 9396-9404, 2009
Organic semiconductor growth and morphology considerations for organic thin‐film transistors
AA Virkar, S Mannsfeld, Z Bao, N Stingelin
Advanced Materials 22 (34), 3857-3875, 2010
The role of OTS density on pentacene and C60 nucleation, thin film growth, and transistor performance
A Virkar, S Mannsfeld, JH Oh, MF Toney, YH Tan, G Liu, JC Scott, R Miller, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (12), 1962-1970, 2009
Precise structure of pentacene monolayers on amorphous silicon oxide and relation to charge transport
SCB Mannsfeld, A Virkar, C Reese, MF Toney, Z Bao
Advanced Materials 21 (22), 2294-2298, 2009
Synthesis and characterization of soluble indolo [3, 2-b] carbazole derivatives for organic field-effect transistors
PLT Boudreault, AA Virkar, Z Bao, M Leclerc
Organic Electronics 11 (10), 1649-1659, 2010
Method, apparatus, and program for evolving algorithms for detecting content in information streams
L Agnihotri, JD Schaffer, N Dimitrova, T McGee, S Jeannin
US Patent 7,337,455, 2008
X-ray microscopy imaging of the grain orientation in a pentacene field-effect transistor
B Bräuer, A Virkar, SCB Mannsfeld, DP Bernstein, R Kukreja, KW Chou, ...
Chemistry of Materials 22 (12), 3693-3697, 2010
Metal nanowire networks and transparent conductive material
A Virkar, Y Li, MC Lemieux
US Patent App. 13/530,822, 2013
Transparent conductive coatings based on metal nanowires and polymer binders, solution processing thereof, and patterning approaches
X Yang, YS Li, Y Huang, C Scully, CM Morris, A Virkar
US Patent App. 14/087,669, 2015
Composite member, its separation method, and preparation method of semiconductor substrate by utilization thereof
K Ohmi, K Sakaguchi, K Yanagita
US Patent 6,597,039, 2003
Fused metal nanostructured networks, fusing solutions with reducing agents and methods for forming metal networks
A Virkar, X Yang, Y Li, D Mckean, MC Lemieux
US Patent App. 13/777,802, 2014
Carrier mobility in pentacene as a function of grain size and orientation derived from scanning transmission X-ray microscopy
B Bräuer, R Kukreja, A Virkar, HB Akkerman, A Fognini, T Tyliszczak, ...
Organic electronics 12 (11), 1936-1942, 2011
Oligothiophene based organic semiconductors with cross-linkable benzophenone moieties
A Virkar, MM Ling, J Locklin, Z Bao
Synthetic Metals 158 (21-24), 958-963, 2008
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
A Goddard, PJ Godowski, AL Gurney, WI Wood
US Patent 7,087,428, 2006
Transparent films with control of light hue using nanoscale colorants
X Yang, Y Cao, Y Hu, H Gu, YS Li, A Virkar
US Patent App. 14/627,400, 2016
Metal nanowire inks for the formation of transparent conductive films with fused networks
YS Li, X Yang, Y Kambe, X Chen, H Gu, SM Lam, MM Inouye, AYC Cheng, ...
US Patent 9,150,746, 2015
Energetics and stability of pentacene thin films on amorphous and crystalline octadecylsilane modified surfaces
AA Virkar, SCB Mannsfeld, Z Bao
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (13), 2664-2671, 2010
Stable transparent conductive elements based on sparse metal conductive layers
X Yang, H Gu, YY Huang, AYC Cheng, A Virkar, R Omote, K Nishikawa, ...
US Patent App. 14/527,440, 2016
Property enhancing fillers for transparent coatings and transparent conductive films
A Virkar, FA Manzour, X Yang, H Gu
US Patent App. 14/577,669, 2016
Metal nanowire inks for the formation of transparent conductive films with fused networks
YS Li, X Yang, Y Kambe, X Chen, H Gu, SM Lam, MM Inouye, AYC Cheng, ...
US Patent 9,183,968, 2015
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