Peter Gao
Peter Gao
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Water vapor and clouds on the habitable-zone sub-Neptune exoplanet K2-18b
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Formation of Silicate and Titanium Clouds on Hot Jupiters
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The Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science Program for JWST
JL Bean, KB Stevenson, NM Batalha, Z Berta-Thompson, L Kreidberg, ...
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Structure and composition of Pluto's atmosphere from the New Horizons solar ultraviolet occultation
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Stability of CO2 Atmospheres on Desiccated M Dwarf Exoplanets
P Gao, R Hu, TD Robinson, C Li, YL Yung
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Demonstration of a near-IR line-referenced electro-optical laser frequency comb for precision radial velocity measurements in astronomy
X Yi, K Vahala, J Li, S Diddams, G Ycas, P Plavchan, S Leifer, J Sandhu, ...
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A hot saturn orbiting an oscillating late subgiant discovered by tess
D Huber, WJ Chaplin, A Chontos, H Kjeldsen, J Christensen-Dalsgaard, ...
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Nitrogen oxides in early Earth's atmosphere as electron acceptors for life's emergence
ML Wong, BD Charnay, P Gao, YL Yung, MJ Russell
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Bimodal distribution of sulfuric acid aerosols in the upper haze of Venus
P Gao, X Zhang, D Crisp, CG Bardeen, YL Yung
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Constraints on the microphysics of Pluto's photochemical haze from New Horizons observations
P Gao, S Fan, ML Wong, MC Liang, RL Shia, JA Kammer, YL Yung, ...
Icarus 287, 116-123, 2017
Sulfur Hazes in Giant Exoplanet Atmospheres: Impacts on Reflected Light Spectra
P Gao, MS Marley, K Zahnle, TD Robinson, NK Lewis
The Astronomical Journal 153 (3), 139, 2017
A planet within the debris disk around the pre-main-sequence star AU Microscopii
P Plavchan, T Barclay, J Gagné, P Gao, B Cale, W Matzko, D Dragomir, ...
Nature 582 (7813), 497-500, 2020
Microphysics of KCl and ZnS Clouds on GJ 1214 b
P Gao, B Benneke
The Astrophysical Journal 863 (2), 165, 2018
The photochemistry of Pluto's atmosphere as illuminated by New Horizons
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The Intrinsic Temperature and Radiative–Convective Boundary Depth in the Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters
D Thorngren, P Gao, JJ Fortney
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 884 (1), L6, 2019
Pluto's haze as a surface material
WM Grundy, T Bertrand, RP Binzel, MW Buie, BJ Buratti, AF Cheng, ...
Icarus 314, 232-245, 2018
Sedimentation Efficiency of Condensation Clouds in Substellar Atmospheres
P Gao, MS Marley, AS Ackerman
The Astrophysical Journal 855 (2), 86, 2018
Aerosol composition of hot giant exoplanets dominated by silicates and hydrocarbon hazes
P Gao, DP Thorngren, GKH Lee, JJ Fortney, CV Morley, HR Wakeford, ...
Nature Astronomy 4 (10), 951-956, 2020
Methane on Mars and Habitability: Challenges and Responses
YL Yung, P Chen, K Nealson, S Atreya, P Beckett, JG Blank, B Ehlmann, ...
Astrobiology 18 (10), 1221-1242, 2018
Nonhydrostatic effects and the determination of icy satellites’ moment of inertia
P Gao, DJ Stevenson
Icarus 226 (2), 1185-1191, 2013
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